The publishing house, KNIHA ZLIN, has existed since 2004 and nowadays it publishes about thirty-five titles every year. For the Czech readers we thoroughly compile our editorial plan which follows the actual trends on the literary scene, especially on the international one. We feel that we are not only Czechs but also Europeans and, therefore, we focus on books which emanate from the values of the Western civilization, its aesthetic background, as well as its moved history, and which deal with their respective topics in a critical manner. We give priority to books which depict the diverse aspects of human existence, look at interpersonal relationships from various perspectives, investigate the relationship between man and society and bear an individual testimony to the contemporary world. We publish not only contemporary novels and other short prose genres of Czech and international origin but also non-fiction books and poetry. Currently, art books begin to take a more significant place in our editorial plans, especially the ones about contemporary art and the role of art in our lives and in society in general.

It is important for us that the content of the book and the ideas expressed in it be consistent with its stylistic and graphic rendition. From the very beginning of the selection process, we concentrate on the originality of the writers´ styles and, therefore, it is very important for us that our books be translated by high quality translators and edited by experienced editors and other professionals. The originality of each book and its careful linguistic and editorial preparation is emphasized by the graphic design of our covers.