Corporate Social Responsibility

Albatros Media is founded on the principles of free and transparent enterprise and social responsibility, which is reflected in all areas of the company’s activities and its contact with customers, business partners and the wider public.

The principles of our company responsibility strategy come from an awareness that our success is not isolated and that other entities around us can also benefit from it. We decided to focus our support on children from selected target and age groups and, of course, on projects that support reading.

The basic priorities of Albatros Media in the field of company responsibility are:

• Supporting institutions in the field of education, leisure and entertainment for pre-school and school-age children - Albatros has traditionally had and continues to have a social responsibility to take part in the education of children and adolescents also by means other than publishing book.

• Supporting institutions and individuals in the field of reading development and building a relationship with books - the Albatros Media publishing group should also be at the forefront of efforts to bring children to read as a prerequisite for their future education.

• Supporting gifted children from socially disadvantaged groups and institutions in the field of education.

The long-term interest of Albatros Media in children from socially disadvantaged groups and institutions in the field of education culminated in the founding of the Albatros Foundation.

Its aim is to help these children to compensate for their disadvantages at the notional start line of their educational path. We want to promote access for socially disadvantaged children to generally accessible schools at all levels. We want to help the school environment better meet the needs of all children. We want to promote greater diversity in schools, which will benefit all their pupils and also teachers.

We are currently trying to target our support strategically. We are familiarizing ourselves with examples of good practice, and seeking out those who are most in need of our help and the best ways in which to get our support to them.