Edika Publishing offers a wide variety of books written for children and youths, as well as their parents and teachers.

The modern textbooks for all ages and skill levels follow current trends in education. Edika’s catalog includes not just comprehensive series of language textbooks, university and technical textbooks, specialized dictionaries, bilingual editions of literary classics, but also a wealth of publications and workbooks for children to develop skills and proficiency in preparation for school and preschool. The books often include additional material; for instance, language textbooks feature audio CD’s and multimedia DVD’s with recordings of native speakers.

Edika’s goal is to produce publications and multimedia works focusing on education, for schools, but also for a broader market. We have a particular emphasis on languages, psychology and textbooks for children. Our most popular titles include Czech Spelling Rules, the children’s book Czech Kings Were Just People Too and 111 Thrilling Experiments for Kids.