BizBooks Publishing provides its readers with books dealing with current topics and new trends in the realm of career and personal development, finance and successful business ventures. The books are aimed especially towards students, CEOs, management and those with a desire for self-education.

The publications cover such fields as personal development, successful skills for business and management, sales and marketing, finance and investing, human resources, accounting and tax issues, and practical economics.

The goals of the publishing house are to inform its audience of the most interesting topics and current trends, to make its readers more competitive on the market, and to provide high-quality information in the fields of business and investment.

In addition to working with economic institutes and business departments, BizBooks collaborates with the top Czech specialists, entrepreneurs and managers as well. Among our authors you will find books by the likes of Ivan Pilný, Miroslav Foret and David Gruber. Our portfolio is enriched further by the bestselling titles from renowned foreign authors, such as Guerilla Marketing or The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan.