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The Postman Wind in White Ravens 2013

The Postman Wind included in the catalogue of the 250 most outstanding international books of children's and youth literature, chosen and annotated by the International Youth Library: „Put the currently reigning Czech children’s poet and one of the most captivating illustrators of the country together and have them make a children’s book about autumn – the result is sure to be a hit. In fact, in 2012 »Listonoš vítr« won the most significant Czech literary awards in the children’s book category, »Magnesia litera« and »Zlata stuha«. The book charms with poignant poems about the rustle of leaves and of paper, the festival of the fall forest, chestnuts, pumpkins, and the special mood of the season. Paired with Pavel Čech’s occasionally quite mystical illustrations, Radek Malý succeeds in presenting the hazy autumnal atmosphere of colourful leaves, crisp air, and melancholic fogginess in a sensuous and arresting manner. (Age: 6+)“


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01.02. | 2017
Little Stories for Little Readers Katarína Macurová
Cute characters, gentle storytelling with simple plots and humorous outcomes – you’ll find all this and more in these original books by acclaimed illustrator Katarína Macurová.
In the series:
Teaching Eddie To Fly
Why Won´t You Flower?
Which Is the ...
31.01. | 2017
My Animals Charming portraits of animals in natural poses that highlight their  characteristics. Two board books brings back the beautiful illustrations of the most acclaimed Czech illustrator of books about nature, Mirko Hanák (1921 – 1971), which originally came out in 1966 – 1971. In the following decade...
30.01. | 2017
The Little Girl and the Rain Milena Lukešová, ill. Jan Kudláček
From the series Poetic Vintage Tales
In the series:
The Little Girl and the Rain
The Stork
James and the Indian Summer
The White Winter
Little Joseph and Fish
The Little Girl and the Rain
Mood story about the...

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