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The Clock Master nominated for Magnesia Litera

The Clock Master (Muž z hodin) is nominated for the most prestigious Czech literary award Magnesia Litera.

Synopsis: Why does the time change every fall? This fantastic story set in the Austro-Hungarian Empire weaves elements of detective fiction and steampunk together to create a riveting alternative history.

The narrative unwinds in the fictional town of Makovín during the turn of the century, La Belle Epoque, the Jugendstil days of the Habsburg Monarchy. An unusual family arrives at the train station – inventor Leoš Šína, his wife Ludovika, and their eight-year-old daughter Lenka. Mr. Šína is there to show the mayor one of his inventions – a portable hotel room. But when Lenka notices that the one hand of the train station clock is gone, replaced with a tiny man, the trip turns into a dramatic quest for the stolen clock-hand. Will the Šínas survive all the mysterious events to uncover the conspiracies emanating from town hall? (Parents will realize that the days of the monarchy are not so different from our world today.)

The lush atmosphere of the story is complemented by the blue-and-brown illustrations of artist Juraj Horváth, multiple-winner of the Most Beautiful Czech Book prize.

Vratislav Maňák (1988), author of the collection Plastic Bag Dress and holder of the Jiří Orten prize for literature, proves himself to be an outstanding writer of children’s prose. With The Clock Master he has written one of the very first works of Czech steampunk.



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