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Smarties Tour with Ivona Březinová

Ivona Březinová stopped at ten schools to present her book, Smarties for Grandpa Ed (Lentilka pro dědu Edu), which introduces children to issues surrounding Alzheimer’s. The discussions involving both students and teachers met with such success that the author has decided to embark on another school tour this fall.

“At first glance the book seems shocking in that it deals with such a theme as Alzheimer’s and that it is intended specifically for children around the age of six. It’s rare that we tell small children stories about illnesses and even rarer to discuss illnesses that affect the elderly. But in the end I decided to write on it, because it’s important for children to know that their grandmothers and grandfathers can have such illnesses, yet still remain their grandparents and love their grandchildren all the same, even when they may not recognize them,” Ivona Březinová, author of Smarties for Grandpa Ed, explains.

The tour met with great success. The teachers especially appreciated how much the children could learn about this difficult subject when it was approached in such a sensitive and fun way.


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