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Katarína Macurová

Cute characters, gentle storytelling with simple plots and humorous outcomes – you’ll find all this and more in these original books by acclaimed illustrator Katarína Macurová.

In the series:

Teaching Eddie To Fly

Why Won´t You Flower?

Which Is the Right Ball?

Momo and Lily

Teaching Eddie To Fly

Ernest the bear has a new friend called Eddie. Eddie is a bird, but he doesn’t ever...


My Animals


Charming portraits of animals in natural poses that highlight their  characteristics. Two board books brings back the beautiful illustrations of the most acclaimed Czech illustrator of books about nature, Mirko Hanák (1921 – 1971), which originally came out in 1966 – 1971. In the following decades these illustrations were republished in France, Germany, and Japan, accompanied by texts written by famous local authors.

In the series:

Domestic Animals



The Little Girl and the Rain


Milena Lukešová, ill. Jan Kudláček

From the series Poetic Vintage Tales

In the series:

The Little Girl and the Rain

The Stork

James and the Indian Summer

The White Winter

Little Joseph and Fish

The Little Girl and the Rain

Mood story about the rain enchantingly illustrated in beautiful color. The Little Girl walks in the street alone, until Plick! It begins to rain. Quickly, she runs...


Little Mole's Herbarium


Illustrations Zdeněk Miler, text Markéta Glozarová

White petals and a yellow centre – this is how a lot of flowers blooming in fields, on meadows or along roads look like. But which one of them is a camomile and which one is a daisy? Can you tell them apart? And do you know how a plantain looks like? Let’s discover and learn the beauties of meadows with Little Mole’s Herbarium! The legendary character, popular with both kids and adults, made by the world-famous illustrator Zdeněk...


Max and Sally (series)


Miloš Macourek, il. Adolf Born

Selected in 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up (Universe 2009) - a guide to the best classic and contemporary children’s literature.

Max and Sally have found a magic telephone receiver that can fulfil every wish. No wonder they experience strange things with it: they turn their dog friend Jonathan into a boy who comes along with them to school; they travel to the Ice Age; they enter the micro-world of germs and many...


Little Ape Sophie


Miloš Macourek, ill. Adolf Born

Smart monkey Sophie first came in life in a TV series, the product cooperation between author Miloš Macourek and artist Adolf Born. Later she came out in a book form. The humorous style is perfectly matched by the illustrations of Adolf Born.

Sophie (Žofka)

Humorous story about the adventures of a girl orangutan who thinks up all kinds of entertainment for the animals in the zoo. Sophie saves Mr Leopard, helps Mr. Walrus as...


Harvie (series)


Harvie has entertained Czech children and their parents already since 1926. Already the 4th generation is following his adventures and jokes. Harvie is accompanied by his daddy, faithful dog, friend and her grandma. Harvie is a typical little joker and rascal. But still has a good heart.

Harvie and the Magic Museum - NEW

What awaits Harvie is an adventure he could never have dreamed of. A very old puppet museum is under threat of demolition, a fact which Harvie...


Gravelpebble and Agary


Václav Čtvrtek, ill. Zdeněk Smetana

Joyful fairy-tales based on TV bedtime stories.

Two little guys from a house made of a stub: one is rather skinny, while the other is quite fat but they complement each other perfectly. They love their common household and they have time for a lot of amusing and useful activities. Who is the best at planting a seed, at making a swing, at shooting a big gun or greeting a little mouse, or setting alight a “flaming goblin”? Who?...


Stepladder and Spaghetti


Jiří Munk a Alena Munková, ill. Zdeněk Smetana

Joyful fairy-tales based on TV bedtime stories.

Children love to read about the doggy adventures of Stepladder and Spaghetti, and they delight in Zdeněk Smetana’s splendid illustrations. Go out into the world with the doggy rascals and share in their fun-packed adventures as they learn all kinds of lessons. This lavishly illustrated book is intended to be read aloud. It is suitable for beginning readers, too.



The Paper Dragon


Zdeněk Karel Slabý, ill. Václav Sivko

Albatros originally intended to publish this book in 1968. The illustrations were ready, the text had been sent to the printers – but the book never got as far as the reader.

Perhaps you will understand why when you reach the point in the story where soldiers shoot at the museum. Such military adventures are not out of place in a bedtime story, of course. But just as the book was about to appear, soldiers really did shoot at a...


Zoo Post Office


Ondřej Sekora

It may sound strange, but the animals at the zoo have their own post office. Of course they do – they want to know how their relatives in the wild are getting on. The main postie, a pigeon, brings letters from the tigers in the jungle, the hippos in the swamp and the ace-footballer ostriches. Post is sent from the zoo to the lions, giraffes and zebras of Africa, the kangaroos and fruit bats of faraway Australia, and the anteaters and pumas of America.



The Whistling Cornet


Jiří Kahoun, il. Miroslav Jágr

The Whistling Cornet, a book full of stories and fables for the youngest of children, will entertain and warm the hearts of the whole family. Read about two little boars who scare themselves, how the lion cub couldn’t sleep, why the bear chased an echo through the forest, and how a snake can become a little train. You can find these and many other cheerful tales in beloved author Jiří Kahoun’s 1984 literary debut, which we are publishing with...


What Were the Squirrels Excited About?


Jindřich Balík, il. Barbora Buchalová

What were the squirrels excited about? Why shouldn’t the bear sell its own coat? What prevents a cat from wearing a hat? Why were the scales unable to weigh the butterfly? These tales are amusing, thrilling, informative, beautifully written and exactly the right length, so pleasing younger and older readers alike. And thanks to Bára Buchalová’s fun illustrations, the book will look smart in any child’s bookcase. Eleven fun tales you’ll return...


How the Elves and the Children Protected the Wood


Radomír Socha, il. Andrea Popprová

Until recently, everyone lived well in the elves’ wood. People liked to walk and forage for mushrooms there. But then some uninvited guests came to this quiet place, and they wrecked whatever they could. The poor creatures who lived there didn’t know what to do. So the woodland prince sent them to Flameheart the elf and Spellicia the mushroom fairy. They would know what to do with the rogues!

Size 163×238mm, 176 pages, hardcover. Age...


This Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


Romana Suchá, il. Vendula Hegerová

This appealing, humorous interactive story about Johnny and his sister Hannah will delight fans of Goscinny’s Little Nicholas and many other readers besides. What happens after little Johnny’s unsuccessful magic show, and what trouble awaits Hannah, who is doing housework in an attempt to earn the guinea pig she longs for? The heart-warming story is supplemented with simple tasks that help child readers appreciate the world around them, acquire...


Naughty Kids (series)


Martina Drijverová, il. Markéta Vydrová

The Naughty Girls (Zlobilky)

Once upon a time there were some little girls who were really, really naughty. One was forever claiming she was about to be bitten, one refused to wash, one kept pointing at people rudely, while others were forever wandering off, worrying or making an awful mess. And they weren’t the only ones! Their parents just didn’t know what to do with them. Everyone gets their comeuppance in the end, though,...


Annie (series)


Ivana Peroutková, il. Eva Mastníková

Annie and her Friends

Annie’s parents have gone to work in Africa for a year, so Annie has moved to her grandma’s place. She is about to attend the second year of primary school in a picturesque village. Although Annie knows the place well, she’s a little worried at first. What will her new class be like? Will she make friends? What else lies ahead for her?

But she makes friends with two classmates straight away, and...


The Shadow’s Boy


Lenka Krbcová, il. Katarina Gasko

A picture book about a shadow that no longer wants to do whatever the person he belongs to does. There are times when we all have to do things we don’t want to do – wash the dishes, eat broccoli, finish math homework. Now think about what it must be like for a shadow that has to do everything the boy he belongs to does. One day, however, the boy loses his shadow; now he finally has some freedom. He can go to the movies, ride a bike, cheer on a...


And Then It Happened!


Ester Stará, ill. Martina Matlovičová

Ten tales about little things that kids don’t mind and parents can’t stand. 
Uncombed hair, unwashed ears, unwiped noses, unbrushed teeth, untied shoelaces, messy toys, messy eating, tattling - these are things kids don’t even want to hear about. But then something unbelievable happens, and the naughty kids better be good quick if they want to be nice happy children again! So read carefully! Ten tales about little things that kids don’t...


Larkfart and Vealfillet


Eva Papoušková, il. Galina Miklínová

Classmates Larkfart and Vealfillet have ideas as funny as their names, and when they decide to escape from school, the adults can’t keep up. The story takes place in preschool, where our hero, the oddly named Larkfart, happens to be trapped against his will, keeping him from what he really wants to do: finish building a model blimp with his dad. His feelings about this are quite obvious as he lies on his back, kicking and screaming. Luckily,...


Typo and Skim


Barbora Klárová, Tomáš Kočinský, Petr Štěpán, Daniel Špaček

Have you noticed how things get older? Of course you have – you can’t fail to notice such things. Stop paying attention for a moment and you’ll discover that what was shiny and new a while ago is now old and useless. Who’s to blame? Well, living somewhere in our midst are little creatures who make all this ageing their business. And a pretty tough job they have too! One day, Typo, who specializes in printing errors in...


Where Anna Disappeared To


Lenka Juráčková, il. Aneta Františka Holasová

Thirteen-year-old Adam and his family have recently bought a house, and Adam is helping his dad clean it up. The house is old, needs a lot of repairs, and there is something oddly mysterious about it. The mystery intensifies when Adam finds, in a hiding place behind a cupboard, a strange photograph with a dedication, dated 1946. What follows is a search for the boy in the photo and the girl he fell in love with. Will Adam succeed in...


The Clock Master


Vratislav Maňák, il. Juraj Horváth

Why does the time change every fall? This fantastic story set in the Austro-Hungarian Empire weaves elements of detective fiction and steampunk together to create a riveting alternative history.

The narrative unwinds in the fictional town of Makovín during the turn of the century, La Belle Epoque, the Jugendstil days of the Habsburg Monarchy. An unusual family arrives at the train station – inventor Leoš Šína, his wife Ludovika, and...


A Boy and His Dog


Ivona Březinová, il. Eva Švrčková

A tender look at a sensitive topic: Disability. The story focuses on the school year of second-grader Julian, who uses a wheelchair, and his dog Caesar, who is being trained as a service dog. The boy accepts his handicap, and while the wheelchair helps him overcome his physical disability, it is also naturally incorporated into the children’s games. Caesar the dog is treated like a member of the family, and becomes a crucial component of the...


Smarties for Grandpa Ed


Ivona Březinová, il. Eva Mastníková

A story of family in which great grandfather, who is called „Grandpa Ed“ by everyone, grandfather, and a young married couple with a little son live together. This is the first portrayal of Alzheimer’s disease in Czech literature for children.

The book is shocking at first sight when we take into consideration the connection between the subject matter and the concrete addressee. It is a literary arrangement about the problems of the...


Yell Quietly, Bro


Ivona Březinová, il. Tomáš Kučerovský

Jeremy is different. He lives in a world with strict rules, in which each day of the week has its own colour, and slices of bread are round. He doesn’t really understand or know his way around the world his mum and sister live in – but as he has his own, he doesn’t really mind. Although his behaviour sometimes makes other people a bit hot under the collar, his loving mum and his twin keep him out of trouble. They are determined that Jeremy...


The Stories Behind Products... (series)


Aimed at 6 – 8 years old children, The Stories Behind Products… series packs all of its information into an interesting fictional story.

Its accessible form makes it easy for children to understand more technical details of electricity or water distribution.

Each story provides easy-to-understand answers to children’s most common questions on given topic, the fun and readable texts are accompanied by diagrams and colorful illustrations.

In the series: more...


Financial Literacy (series)


Denisa Prošková

In this series children will come to understand the connection between work and earning money and get to grips with basic money-related terms, they will become familiar with terms such as loan, good debt, bad debt, interest and credit, together with the principles of insurance and investment. They will learn about an entrepreneur´s responsibilities and how banks work. There is an emphasis on the social aspect, too: readers are shown why they shouldn´t compare...


The Mission of the Unicorns (series)


Series: The Mission of the Unicorns

Michaela Burdová

The Guardians of the Good (1)

It is hard to confront the fear, but it is most difficult to confront the fear of your own past. A story of hope, love and desire for forgiveness. Set out for adventure in Lilandgaria – the country of sacred unicorns! The world of catcorns, centaurs and dragons. To a pure country of good which is to be destroyed by the gate of darkness.

The elves have not...


Seventh Sense Saga (series)


Series: Seventh Sense Saga

Ilka Pacovská

Initiation Island (1)

Initiation Island is the first book of the nine-book Seventh Sense saga. A thrilling, mysterious read that blends reality with fantasy. These adventures of three children attending a magical school were originally posted by the author on the internet, but received such a tremendous response from readers that it was soon published as a book.

Hana, Stu and Rafan live together in Cozy...


Images from the Old and New Testament (series)


Renata Fučíková

These lushly illustrated books by Renáta Fučíková use contemporary language and style to tell ancient stories from the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. The world’s creation, the flood, the journey of the wisemen, the Babylonian captivity, the founding of a new kingdom, its fall and renewal, gave rise to three world religions and forms a broad basis for human cultural history. They tell of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the lives of the Apostles Peter...


The Monkey King


Wu Čcheng-en, Jan Jiráň

Journey to the West, one of the world’s most celebratednovels, was written by Chinese man of letters Wu Cheng’en at the end of the16th century. Our modern adaptation is illustrated by Zdeněk Sklenář, theartist who loved China and receives amazement, delight and respect fromChinese. Admirers included the most famous Chinese actor ever to play theMonkey King, the legendary Liou Xiao Ling Tong.


GOLDEN RIBBON 2017 for graphic...


Towns in the Alphabet


Jan Laštovička

From A to Z, there is a town or a city for every letter of the alphabet. The author if this picture book has traveled them all and created a beautiful guidebook for those who want to learn their letters and towns of the world as well. Hop on board and get to know Antwerp, Delhi or Helsinki. You can travel as far as Zadar!


Selected for Best Childrens Books 2015 list (selection of Czech Books for Children and Young People 2014/2015) more...

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01.02. | 2017
Little Stories for Little Readers Katarína Macurová
Cute characters, gentle storytelling with simple plots and humorous outcomes – you’ll find all this and more in these original books by acclaimed illustrator Katarína Macurová.
In the series:
Teaching Eddie To Fly
Why Won´t You Flower?
Which Is the ...
31.01. | 2017
My Animals Charming portraits of animals in natural poses that highlight their  characteristics. Two board books brings back the beautiful illustrations of the most acclaimed Czech illustrator of books about nature, Mirko Hanák (1921 – 1971), which originally came out in 1966 – 1971. In the following decade...
30.01. | 2017
The Little Girl and the Rain Milena Lukešová, ill. Jan Kudláček
From the series Poetic Vintage Tales
In the series:
The Little Girl and the Rain
The Stork
James and the Indian Summer
The White Winter
Little Joseph and Fish
The Little Girl and the Rain
Mood story about the...

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