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Little Mole's Herbarium


White petals and a yellow centre – this is how a lot of flowers blooming in fields, on meadows or along roads look like. But which one of them is a camomile and which one is a daisy? Can you tell them apart? And do you know how a plantain looks like? Let’s discover and learn the beauties of meadows with Little Mole’s Herbarium! The legendary character, popular with both kids and adults, made by the world-famous illustrator Zdeněk Miler, will let you get familiar with six flowers. On the left...


Christmas around the World


Little Simon found a magical ball under his Christmas tree. The ball can take him wherever he wishes to see how Christmas is celebrated all around the world. In every picture you can find not only him, but also his brother Daniel, their dog and the magical ball itself. So open up the book, put your finger on the magical ball and let us take you to Australia, Mexico or Israel.

Karolina Medková, illustrated by Mária Nerádová

Size 195 x 255 mm, 32 pp + endpapers +...


Encyclopedia for Children


Mum, are giants only in fairy tales? How long is eternity? And what is democracy? Jiří Žáček’s Encyclopedia for Children gives simple answers to hundreds of questions asked by inquisitive children. Žáček is a leading Czech author of books for adults and children, song lyrics and children’s poetry; his spelling book is an international award-winner. Under 700 headwords, young explorers are familiarized with everyday terms as well as less common ones from many areas of human knowledge,...


Tiger & Friends


Take a journey with us and see animals from four continents. Rudolf Lukeš’s pop-up books have been re-issued in our Golden Vintage series. Having first delighted children in many countries in the 1960s, they are no less attractive to children today. The animal friends peeping out at us from these four books live in the tropics, a land of eternal ice, in water and on dry land. The spatial illustrations are accompanied by short, playful captions.

Size: 185 x 165 mm, case cover + 4...


The Green Piggy


A wonderfully illustrated picture book tells the story of a little green pig who was a bit different from his siblings. His perceived handicap turns out to be his strength which ends up saving the day.Three different artworks available – choose your favourite one!

Written and illustrated by Ladislava Pechová, 265 x 235 mm, 24 pp, hardbinding

Age 4+


The Mystery of the Treasure Cave


Vojta and Jindra are best friends for life. Having discovered a mysterious message and then a hidden exercise book with a description of how to find a cave filled with treasure, they set off immediately in search of it. Just imagine all the things they will be able to buy! But things turn out rather differently ... and in the end the twelve-year-old explorers are fighting for their lives. This thrilling story shows youngsters that what is most valuable cannot be calculated in money. A tale...


The Mystery of the Empty Belfry


The bell called Crispin disappears one day from the belfry of the church. On the same day, at the school attended by little Matthew all the bells start ringing, and it seems that they will stop only when Crispin is back in the belfry. So Matthew and his grandfather, bell-ringer and school caretaker, embark on an adventurous rescue mission by taking a boat to Hamburg, where the Crispin trail goes cold . . . Will they succeed in finding the lost bell? A tale of adventure with beautiful...


The Flea and the Louse


On its first publication in 1970 the rhyming fable The Flea and the Louse, based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, was seen as an allegory of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Russian troops in August 1968. This new edition of the fable has illustrations by Vlasta Baránková.

Jan Werich, il. Vlasta Baránková

200 x 200 mm, 36 pp, hard cover. Albatros 2015, original title Bleška a veška. Age 4+


The First Big Case


As the amateur detective Leopold, known as Cop, and his team are in the process of investigating the mystery of some broken bird feeders, a far more serious crime is committed: the theft of a valuable diamond necklace. Are the two cases somehow linked? Will this gang of detectives get to the bottom of them, or will a competing gang solve them first? The winning manuscript in Albatros Publishing’s 2014 competition for the best detective story.

Dana Rusková, il. Luděk Bárta. 163 x...


Three Friends


Three faithful friends – a dog, a goose and a hen – like to be together. They make all kinds of trips – to the pond, to pick mushrooms, to the circus, or just beyond the village. And they’re waiting for you to join them in this amusing picture series!

Hana Štěpánová, 190 x 255 mm, 40 pp, hard cover. Albatros 2015, original title Tři kamarádi. Age 5+


Devil’s Letters


Jean-François de La Pérouse was an officer in the French Navy and explorer. Sent in 1785 on an expedition to the Pacific Ocean by the Ministry of the Navy, La Pérouse stopped at the island of Tenerife and dispatched two members of his crew to the top of the volcano Mount Teide; the Spaniards tried in vain to dissuade them from making the climb. Some said that the mountain was hiding “devil’s letters” that were bringers of misfortune. Was this mere superstition? And how did La Pérouse’s...


The Little Prince


One of world literature’s best-known works, with Vladimír Fuka’s superb illustrations from the first edition of 1966.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, il. Vladimír Fuka. 163 x 238 mm, 112 pp, hard cover. Albatros 1966, 2015. Original title in Czech language: Malý prince

Vladimír Fuka (1926 - 1977) is globally reputed illustrator, graphic artist, painter, creator of sculptures and other objects; a composer of sensitive drawings. In the 1950s and 1960s Mr. Fuka created a...


Three Letters


The three letters ‘SOS’ make up a world-famous signal, and they are also the heroes of our little story. Desperate calls for help are coming from the sinking Batajava. Although the three letters soon reach the ship’s radio aerial, they meet with human indolence, indifference and apathy. Will they manage to get help in time to save the sailors from drowning? This story about human solidarity and willingness to help will give pleasure to children and grown-ups alike, and it is illustrated in...


All Quiet in Africa


What’s the craziest way to catch a tiger? What’s guaranteed to turn a rhino against you? How do you outwit a monkey? This picture series by Ondřej Sekora was first published in 1934-5. Composed of six-panel episodes, the cycle makes do without words, demonstrating the author’s extraordinary ability to tell a witty, original mini-story by pictures alone.

Ondřej Sekora, 210 x 235 mm, 64 pp, hard cover. Age 5+

Albatros 2015, original title Ani Muk v Africe


Teo Christian and Theo the Cat


For Christian the school holidays have got off to a really bad start. One day his mother fails to come home, and after a long, anxious wait Christian runs away. He finds refuge on the bank of the River Vltava, where he meets his only friend – a black tomcat. Theo is a trained cat who performs acrobatic stunts for tourists, so making a little money for the two tramps to live on. Christian knows that he can’t hide forever. But how can he save his mother and himself?



Gift the Dog


Gift the dog has a big dream – to become a detective dog. He’s hoping that his new owner will be a police superintendent, whom he’ll help with the investigation of tricky cases of great importance. But Gift is taken home by a young vet who works at the zoo. The dog soon discovers that lots of interesting things go on at a zoo, where there are new friends and unexpected adventures waiting for him. And who knows, maybe his dream will come true and he’ll get to do some detective work!


Matyld, Private Eye


An amusing detective story for children. Here at last is the animal detective we’ve all been waiting for! A body has been found in a garden, launching an investigation filled with tricky complexity and complex trickiness that only a crafty tomcat like Matyld is equal to. Matyld and his feline friends have one adventure after another, learning lots about the world of humans along the way.

Text Jan Poláček, il. Tomáš Kropáček

163 x 238 mm, 136 pp, hard cover. Albatros...


Baobaba and Other Stories


A jolly book filled with short fables, stories and tales that make short work of boredom. You’ll have a great time finding out how a bear managed to get a flea out of his fur, how a fly outsmarted a lion, whether an owl is cleverer than a fox, how it profits you to do good deeds, and how dangerous it is not to obey your parents when they tell you to tidy your room!

Text Zuzana Pospíšilová, il. Eva Chupíková

163 x 238 mm, 112 pp, hard cover. Albatros 2015, original...


Zeb the Brave


One day at dawn, beneath a spreading acacia on the savannah, a black-and-white-striped foal called Zeb is born. But the free and carefree life of the inquisitive youngster is soon brought to an end by hunters, who catch Zeb and take him far away. This is how Zeb’s long, miserable journey begins. This story of a little zebra is more than just a thrilling tale; it tells us lots of interesting things about the nature of Africa and the lives of wild animals.

Eva Bešťáková, il. Dagmar...


The Ghosties Family - or Ghosts among us


Meet the Ghosties! Daddy Foggyband, mummy Blanka and their three naughty children are nice ghosts and there is no reason to be afraid of them. They are a bit shy of people, but when it comes to it, they help them gladly in many things. Simon, Olivia and Bubi are pretty naughty so there is always a lot of fun and adventure. What happened when Simon came into ghost puberty? What happened when the Ghosties started to run a ghost ride, but it made people laugh and no customers came? What happens...




Two brothers – little ants Kamil and Emil – live in a cottage at shamrocks.They have loads of friends and together they experience lots of dramatic and jolly stories. What did a spider web swing cause? Who helped the ants bring the Sun back to the sky? How did baby ghost Janette learn to haunt? Why did fruit fly Marianne cry so much? Fully illustrated fairy tale stories with little heroes who experience great adventures will be the favourite of bout children and parents.



The Little Girl and the Rain (4+)


Mood story about the rain enchantingly illustrated in beautiful color. The Little Girl walks in the street alone, until Plick! It begins to rain. Quickly, she runs inside to keep from getting wet. The rain misses her company, and begins to search for her. When the little girl reappears, dressed in boots and a slicker, she and the rain are playfully united. The book was published for the first time in 1974 and it was translated into English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish,...


My Animals


Charming portraits of animals in natural poses that highlight their  characteristics. Two board books brings back the beautiful illustrations of the most acclaimed Czech illustrator of books about nature, Mirko Hanák (1921 – 1971), which originally came out in 1966 – 1971. In the following decades these illustrations were republished in France, Germany, and Japan, accompanied by texts written by famous local authors.

book parameters: Size 200 x 200 mm, 6 spreads + cover, board...


What You'd Wish


To the question, what is poetry, every child has an answer ready: a poem is something that rhymes but isn’t sung. And they never use certain words – vulgar or crazy ones. But what about poetry that’s completely different? A collection of poems by Jiří Kolář commemorating the centennial of the poet’s birth.

Jiří Kolář (1914 – 2002): It would be difficult to find a more distinctive figure from the generation that came of age in the war. Poet, novelist, playwright, artist, Group 42...


Towns in the Alphabet (8+)


From A to Z, there is a town or a city for every letter of the alphabet. The author if this picture book has traveled them all and created a beautiful guidebook for those who want to learn their letters and towns of the world as well. Hop on board and get to know Antwerp, Delhi or Helsinki. You can travel as far as Zadar!

Jan Laštovička, 297 x 210 mm, 64 pp, HC. Albatros 2015.


Selected for Best Childrens Books 2015 list (selection of Czech Books...




This foldout book illustrated by Ota Janeček teaches children the numbers 1 through 10. Simple rhymes written by poet František Halas make it easier for children to remember. The board book was originally published in 1960.

František Halas, il. Ota Janeček

240 x 160 mm, 12 pp, board book - available in the foldout format (concertina) or as a board book with the spine

Age 2+

original title Počitadlo, Albatros (SNDK) 1960


To Africa! (3+)


This children’s book tells the tale of two brothers who embark on an adventure in Africa. Each chapter presents a different African animal, starting with lions and ending with giraffes. The different animals have their own specific, and often hilarious, qualities. The boys learn all about the creatures and how to get along with them—every chapter includes a short note that offers advice to the readers on how to befriend them. This easy and funny text makes a great book for young children. It...


The Happy Garden (2+)


After more than forty years, the foldout book The Happy Garden is finally being published as a commemoration to the artist Rudolf Lukeš, whose work for children has been sadly overlooked. His simple and vivid drawings of anthropomorphic fruit presaged in many ways current trends in children’s book illustrations. The Happy Garden is an unexpected return to the poetic era of the Sixties, while still packing a contemporary punch with its minimalist approach. Among current foldout books, The...


Brave Little Car (2+)


Boardbook for all little travelers! Playful poems, illustrated by the talented artist Jitka Petrova, tell a story of small, brave yellow car that encounters numerous adventures on its journey. The book helps developing children’s memory and attention, providing parents with a much-needed chance to spend some quality time with their children while reading the book.

Jiří Žáček, illustrations Jitka Petrová
240 x 160 mm | 12 pp | board book


Jasmine the Sprite and Vendelín the Elf


Saving the Forest Together. An eco-fairy tale for the littlest of children. When a sprite named Jasmine floats down from a mountain on a dandelion seed, a great adventure begins. She discovers unknown caves and glades; she even finds new friends in the forest. Forest elves are not only friendly, they are also very wise, so our little sprite learns a great deal from them: how to keep the forest clean and nice for the animals that live there; which herbs are medicinal; how to recycle and why...


The Shadow’s Boy


A picture book about a shadow that no longer wants to do whatever the person he belongs to does. There are times when we all have to do things we don’t want to do – wash the dishes, eat broccoli, finish math homework. Now think about what it must be like for a shadow that has to do everything the boy he belongs to does. One day, however, the boy loses his shadow; now he finally has some freedom. He can go to the movies, ride a bike, cheer on a football team. But soon it discovers that it’s...


A Camel Meets un Chameau (5+)


A wonderfully illustrated and conceived bilingual dictionary for children. Based on differences and similarities of Czech and Slovak languages, it can easily work in any language combination. Isolated words are interspersed with large double pages with a lot of small stories hidden in them. Finally, a fun way to learn a foreign language!


SUK 2014 - Teacher's Award



The Clock Master (8+)


Why does the time change every fall? This fantastic story set in the Austro-Hungarian Empire weaves elements of detective fiction and steampunk together to create a riveting alternative history.

The narrative unwinds in the fictional town of Makovín during the turn of the century, La Belle Epoque, the Jugendstil days of the Habsburg Monarchy. An unusual family arrives at the train station – inventor Leoš Šína, his wife Ludovika, and their eight-year-old daughter Lenka. Mr. Šína...


Marvelous Tuesday (6+)


A poetic narrative about how the cause of one person’s sorrow can be a source of joy for someone else. Through words and images, the tale portrays the personification of Tuesday speaking with an old woman, helping her remember her childhood and the doll that she lost so long ago.

This lyrical epic begins with an old woman sadly remembering a toy she lost as a child. Tuesday sits with her in the park and tells her what really happened to her doll. The book develops through a...


Seventh Heaven


Illustrated jokes, rebuses and games for children as for adults.

At the beginning was the idea to draw a diary, every day from the year draw one picture and meet one funny story – so was born the Vladimir Fuka’s artwork. Then the painter-poet met a poet-painter, Jiri Kolar, who wrote the texts. The result is a fantastic artifact full of humor, non-senses, beautiful pictures, where every detail is so surprising.
Art and fun in one book.

Published in english...


New York (for lovers of beautiful books)


Published in CZ in 2008, the first version of the book originated for Albatros publishing house as early as in 1968 (although the book did not see the light due to Fuka’s emigration and the Soviet invasion). A unique, timeless publication for all readers and lovers of beautiful books, regardless of age.

The city, which never sleeps. The Big Apple. The home of jazz. Metropolis of the world. The most American and at the same time the least American city. All this – and much more –...


The Escape of Crispin N.


Eleven-year-old Crispin wears hearing aids, his parents are out of the picture, and he is being raised by a grandmother whose modest budget doesn’t allow him to keep up with his classmates. Crispin is different. The kids in his class recognize this, and they often make fun of him. On a school trip to the mountains Crispin can’t take it any longer, so one night he decides to run away from the lodge. Will Crispin be found? Will the other boys learn how unfair it is to bully someone because he...


Traveling with the Whale


A completely normal family: mom, dad, three kids, and a dog named Columbus. The youngest, Tereza, likes snails; Ema strawberries; and Tomáš the bass guitar. Like his famous namesake, Columbus loves to wander and explore. Dad likes surprises, and Mom the family, even if sometimes she wishes she could jet off to the seaside. Dad says they can’t, however, because they don’t have enough money. In the end, though, they set off for an extensive summer trip where they will relax under the hot...


Images from the Old Testament (6+)


This lushly illustrated book by Renáta Fučíková uses contemporary language and style to tell ancient stories from the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. The world’s creation, the flood, the journey of the wisemen, the Babylonian captivity, the founding of a new kingdom, its fall and renewal, gave rise to three world religions and forms a broad basis for human cultural history.

The beautiful illustrations will captivate children and adult readers alike, drawing them into the ancient...


And Then It Happened! (6+)


Ten tales about little things that kids don’t mind and parents can’t stand. 
Uncombed hair, unwashed ears, unwiped noses, unbrushed teeth, untied shoelaces, messy toys, messy eating, tattling—these are things kids don’t even want to hear about. But then something unbelievable happens, and the naughty kids better be good quick if they want to be nice happy children again! So read carefully! Ten tales about little things that kids don’t mind and parents can’t stand.



Amélie and the Darkness (8+)


Amélie is twelve...  and she has been for 122 long years. She has black hair and wears black clothes; she even rides a black bicycle. Her hands are cold and it is only at night that Amélie leaves the house where she lives with her mom. Having no friends and being different makes her sadder with each of her 122 years… until an unexpected encounter with Markéta cheers her up. All of a sudden she has a friend to laugh and play with, someone to talk to. Markéta also has her own troubles – her...


How to Build a City


Turn the pages of this unique sci-fi book and find yourself back in the Middle Ages, where a poor but clever boy meets a nobleman, the king’s deputy, who is out in the forest searching for a suitable place to build a city. Thanks to a magical top that travels through time as it spins, the boy and the master builder’s daughter embark on an incredible adventure. Not only do they witness the original planning of the city, they also journey through time to see step-by-step how the city grows,...


Animals (1+)


Children’s Measuring Tape - A practical and beautiful decoration for a kid’s room. Experience the joy and excitement of measuring every centimeter your child grows. The fold-out measuring tape is over 150 cm and is filled with beautiful pictures of animals, so that in addition to being a practical tool, it is also a wonderful decoration for a child’s room. Includes a small ring to make it easy to hang.

Adolf Dudek, 150 x 150 mm, 12 pp, folding board book. Original title Dětský...


The Little Black Hen (6+)


Saint Petersburg and the magical atmosphere of the 18th Century. Alyosha, a boarding school student, saves a black hen from the cook’s knife. As a reward the hen shows Alyosha the secret world underground, guiding him through a realm of sprites and magic that no one above knows about. For his good deed Alyosha receives another reward: he will know everything, without having to study. However, Alyosha must keep it all a secret, for if he tells anyone, the magical world will disappear. The...


Prisoners of Minecraft (9+)


This breathtaking story based on the world famous computer game will captivate 10 – 15-year-old readers who like action, danger, humor, and surprising reversals. It will also capture the interest of those who spend their time on computers and are reluctant to crack open a book.

Everything is going just fine for Dave and Luke. They use the stone sword to kill creepers; arrows work best for skeletons. That is up until the moment when a bolt of lightening hits the house mid-game,...


Labyrints of the World


A unique gift book featuring labyrinths from the minds of renowned artists.

Readers can explore the illustrated labyrinths with their fingers or their imaginations, reading through the text of Václav Cílek, who for years has been fascinated by mazes. The world today seems to be returning to the principle of the labyrinth once again.

“A maze is a terrible place, like a prison, where one can be lost forever. A maze makes you lose your way, a labyrinth leads you...


Adventures of the Sea Wolves


Do you know which pirates the parents of today’s Czech kids loved? They weren’t the Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow or the ones from Ice Age: Continental Drift. They were the Sea Wolves.

First appearing in 1969 in the kids’ magazine Ohníček, the Sea Wolves became absolute legends. Back then, every child adored the cult comics. Now, more than 40 years later, all five series will be published as one book.

“Such rapscallions. I never stopped loving...


One Scary Summer (8+)


Set on a farm in Southern Bohemia, this tale weaves horror elements into its thrilling plot. Táňa and Áňa, two ten-year-olds, spend every summer at an old farmhouse. This year, however, from the very start strange things keep happening around them. Áňa’s grandfather gives the two friends an old photograph of Klára, a girl who once lived on the farm and died when she was ten years old. Soon after they are visited by an odd girl who recently moved into the village. Is it an eerie coincidence...


Happy Friends (1+)


Children’s Measuring Tape - A practical and beautiful decoration for a kid’s room. Experience the joy and excitement of measuring every centimeter your child grows. The fold-out measuring tape is over 150 cm and is filled with beautiful pictures of animals, so that in addition to being a practical tool, it is also a wonderful decoration for a child’s room. Includes a small ring to make it easy to hang.

Adolf Dudek, 150 x 150 mm, 12 pp, folding board book. Original title Dětský...


The Tales of Odysseus (10+)


Odysseus’ glory, his cunning, his hardships, and the loyalty of his wife Penelope are still known today, and they will be known until the end of time.

Such words end this book about the king of Ithaca, the hero of ancient mythology whom Homer first writes about in the Iliad. But it is his ten-year journey home after the Trojan War that brought him eternal fame. Homer’s ancient Greek epic The Odyssey portrays in detail all of his hardships, his struggles with giants, monsters, the...


Egbert and Flo the Flea (6+)


Flo the flea has trouble finding a permanent home. There’s always something she doesn’t like, until she finds Egbert. He is about to set off for a journey around the world so she joins him. On their way they experience many an adventure and, what is more, Egbert finds something, or rather someone, he has been longing for. Very funny and a little absurd story about an unusual friendship.

Ivan Binar, il. Andrea Tachezy. 160 x 195 mm, 40 pp, hardcover. Albatros 04/2014



On Eagles’ Wings (9+)


Tomáš and his friends love kite-skating, riding on a skateboard pulled by a kite. They call themselves The Brotherhood of the Eagle’s Wing, almost as if they sensed that their hobby would lead them to cross paths with smugglers of exotic birds. And so begins an adventure story full of mystery and suspense.

the manuscript won Albatros‘ literary contest 2013: the 21st Century Adventure

contains a detailed description on the topic of endangered birds



A Boy and His Dog (8+)


A tender look at a sensitive topic: Disability. The story focuses on the school year of second-grader Julian, who uses a wheelchair, and his dog Caesar, who is being trained as a service dog. The boy accepts his handicap, and while the wheelchair helps him overcome his physical disability, it is also naturally incorporated into the children’s games. Caesar the dog is treated like a member of the family, and becomes a crucial component of the boy’s journey to independence. The author treats...


Little Mole


Zdeněk Miler | different formats | translated into 22 languages

Sold over 5 milions of copies worldwide

Little Mole is an animated character created for a series of cartoons more than 50 years ago.This fair, friendly, wise and helpful personage quickly won enormous popularity in many countries in central, eastern and northern Europe, Germany, France, Austria as well as in Russia, Japan and China.


The Cherry Kingdom’s Princess (5+)


The wonderful picture book tells the story of a little girl and her little fluffy white dog. Their journey to the legend of the kingdom – to the cherry tree fruited by red cherries - shows the course of human life, its final days and death. The life does not end with death, though…

Help Princess Pavlina and her poodle, Shmoodle, search for their kingdom. Because without a kingdom a princess isn’t really a princess. But they have to find it before dusk. And what if their journey...


All the Elephants in the Orchestra (6+)


“Other boys my age climbed trees, shot sparrows with a slingshot and stole cherries from the neighbours’ garden. I, on the other hand, lived in my own fantasy world of princes and princesses, magicians and dwarves.” This is how MILOS MACOUREK (1926-2002) once described his childhood. All the Elephants in the Orchestra is a selection of his poetry and prose for children and adults alike. The book commemorates Macourek as an author of immense fantasy and peculiar sense of humour, one capable...


Tasty Wednesday (6+)


Cilka was found as an abandoned baby on the train, yet the girl radiates happiness and puts everyone in a good mood. Now she’s growing up with a bunch of other kids in the Sunflower Orphanage, a brick house in the middle of a great garden. There the kind director doesn’t pressure the kids to do anything; she never punishes them and she believes that a “sloppy mess encourages imagination.” Whenever Cilka is happy, an apple grows upon her head; there are so many of them now that every...


Get on, The Journey Starts! (2+)


A car, a truck, a toy-train and a big real train, a motorbike, a bus, a plan or a metro – cute board book for the youngest introduces in a funny way different modes of transportation. Complemented with short nursery rhymes.

Dagmar Hilarová, il. Jiří Kalousek, 240 x 160 mm, 12 pp, board book. Age 2+. Original title: Nastupovat, jedeme! Albatros 1975, 2014


Shore At Your Door (2+)


What would it be like to have the ocean as your backyard? This cheerful foldout book will show you. In the backyard of a home, an immense sea captain takes the reader onboard as a deckhand. Together they sail across the ocean, having adventures along the way. Having tons of fun with the crew, they meet a jellyfish that looks like a mermaid, a sawfish with a nose like a fork, a seahorse, a poky turtle, a leggy octopus and a majestic cormorant.

Jindřich Balík (1928) writer, poet,...


The Cases of Inspector Pike (8+)


Comicsfeaturing the fat detective with the thick glass who investigates the toughestcases, which only the readers can crack. Originally drawn in black and whiteonly,  the series was published in achildren’s magazine over the period of more than ten years. The book presentsone of the author’s masterpieces in a selection of 350 stories.

Concept Jiří Lapáček, il. Jiří Kalousek | 240 x 160 mm, 120 pp, hardcover 
Original title: Otazníky detektiva Štiky, Albatros 2012.


Our Animals (2+)


A cheerful fold-out book full of pets written in rhyme by renowned author Ivona Březinová.

Text Ivona Březinová, illustrations Bára Buchalová. 240 x 160 mm, 12 pp, board book. Albatros 2014, original title: U nás bydlí zvířata


Cheerful Choo Choo (2+)


A funny little poem about a small trainengine and its journey between two stations. We meet the dispatcher, the ticketcontroller and the driver. There are also lots of traffic lights, tracks, trackswitches and bridges. Cheerful Choo Choo works hard and finally enjoys welldeserved rest. Classic Czech boardbook beloved by generations of children.

Jan Čarek, il. Zdeněk Miler | 240 x 165 mm | 12 pp | board book. Original title: O veselé mašince, Albatros 1961

Rights sold:...


The Whistling Cornet (3+)


The Whistling Cornet, a book full of stories and fables for the youngest of children, will entertain and warm the hearts of the whole family. Read about two little boars who scare themselves, how the lion cub couldn’t sleep, why the bear chased an echo through the forest, and how a snake can become a little train. You can find these and many other cheerful tales in beloved author Jiří Kahoun’s 1984 literary debut, which we are publishing with Miloslav Jágr’s breathtaking original...


Larkfart and Vealfillet (5+)


Classmates Larkfart and Vealfillet have ideas as funny as their names, and when they decide to escape from school, the adults can’t keep up. The story takes place in preschool, where our hero, the oddly named Larkfart, happens to be trapped against his will, keeping him from what he really wants to do: finish building a model blimp with his dad. His feelings about this are quite obvious as he lies on his back, kicking and screaming. Luckily, Vealfillet—another odd kid with an adequately cute...


Figs the Megadog Comics (5+)


Cheerful cinematographic adventures of a little girl and her puppy, who grew up into a giant-sized dog. When Aja’s parents buy her a little puppy, they have no idea what is in store for them. The dog grows and grows and grows. He soon outgrows his shoebox, then his basket, then even a dog-house for three.  He just gulps down buckets of milk and keeps on growing. The dog has to go, dad decides, but then Fig saves Aja from drowning in a pond and it becomes clear that he’s there to stay....


The Little Bear Book (7+)


Bears, as we all know, tend to live on their own—but Nedvěd and Mishka have decided to live together. Nedvěd is a burly, old grouch; Mishka is still a cub. But these bears enjoy more than just hibernating—they also like coming up with schemes to get tasty treats. And so one day they set out to scare hikers so they can take their picnic baskets and backpacks; another day they pretend to be rare pandas; they even empty out a chicken coop on the pretext of protecting mankind from bad...


Grandpas (6+)


A graphic novel of sorts, composed of nine stories without words, presents unusual protagonists: old men. One of them is still as wild as an urchin kid, even at his age, going around with his sling; another poses on trams as the Lord Almighty; yet another lives in the past – at the time of transports to concentration camps, while another pretends to be an Indian warrior. In this homage to the old age and to all grandfathers of the world, Pavel Čech demonstrates his highly poetic imagination;...


The Boy with Wings (3+)


Miloslav Jágr’s excellent picture book for the youngest children incorporates elements straight from his own life. The protagonist of the story lives on an island in the middle of a river; to get to school he must take a boat with his uncle. When the river freezes in winter, he cannot get to school, so he spends his time making snowmen. The hundred-and-third snowman begins to speak to the boy and offers to grant him a wish. His one wish is for wings so he can fly to school. But he also uses...


Amélie and the Bright World (8+)


In the Prague neighborhood of Trója stands a strange house where time has stood still for 123 years. But the house is no longer abandoned nor dark. The original inhabitants, Amélie and her mom, are ghosts, but now they live there together with Markéta and her mother who help them discover our living world of colors. But things are changing now as Markéta falls in love with Sam and the two girls investigate a mysterious boy named Jakub, whom they meet in the Old Town…

Will their...


Initiation Island (9+)


Initiation Island is the first book of the nine-book Seventh Sense saga. A thrilling, mysterious read that blends reality with fantasy. These adventures of three children attending a magical school were originally posted by the author on the internet, but received such a tremendous response from readers that it was soon published as a book.

Acclaim from readers:

“I read through these books in one go. Even my mom, who’s 66 years old, loved the book. She told me: I...




Stuck in a mill doing nothing but dusting, miller’s apprentice Matěj wants something more. Wandering the world is much more interesting. During his journeys, he works alongside the masters of sixteen different trades. Everything is harder on your own, so Matěj is happy to have the goblin Lukáš, his friend, there with him. Together they learn how to shoe a horse, build wooden barrels, and brew beer. The duo experiences fun and suspenseful adventures, and they discover the secrets of trades...


Astrotales (6+)


… I had been traveling all day and all night. And all of the sudden, this little kid hopped up on my lap and said, “Tell me a story about astronauts!” That really woke me up. I quickly looked to his mom to see what she would say, but I saw that she was fast asleep.  And so I moved this little stranger into a more comfortable position, and my story began…

Humorous and nonsensical stories about two astronauts and all that they see during their voyage through space. A cube planet...


Fairy Tale Fair (6+)


An anthology commemorating the phenomenal Czech artist and author Alois Mikulka (1933): a painter and writer with a unique and instantly recognizable style of writing. Three generations of children have now grown up on his stories and illustrations. In addition to receiving a number of awards, he has also exhibited his work in Italy, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Britain, and Mexico, among others. This collection includes his Golden Ribbon-winning World In Pictures along with twelve modern tales...


Homelands (9+)


The author of Homelands is popular geologist and philosopher Václav Cílek. Collaborating with Renáta Fučíková, he has created an impressive and unique publication. Each chapter begins with a large illustration of the chosen landscape, followed by fascinating text that reveals the sights and history of the region, specifying its characteristic features.

The book is intended for children and their parents. On the basis of the author’s years of traveling, he offers advice for trips...


Little Ape Sophie (6+)


Smart monkey Sophie first came in life in a TV series, the product cooperation between author Miloš Macourek and artist Adolf Born. Later she came out in a book form. The humorous style is perfectly matched by the illustrations of Adolf Born. Miloš Macourek, Adolf Born | 235 x 235 mm


This book about the orang-utan monkey Sophie is another popular one of the author & illustrator team Macourek and Born. Sophie always knows what to do next,...


Max and Sally (series, 6+)


Miloš Macourek, il. Adolf Born | 235 x 235 mm | SERIES

Selected in 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up (Universe 2009) - a guide to the best classic and contemporary children’s literature.

Max and Sally have found a magic telephone receiver that can fulfil every wish. No wonder they experience strange things with it: they turn their dog friend Jonathan into a boy who comes along with them to school; they travel to the Ice Age; they enter the...


Daddy, This One Was Great (6+)


A family story disguised as three unusual fairy tales. It describes what it is like when bedtime stories are told by father instead of mother, and when children want the dad to make up the tales rather than just read them.

Bedtime stories are mostly told to children by their mothers; however, they usually have the most work to do at night. So fathers should step in and help. Father Šíma would like to read the bedtime stories, but Petřík and Petruška prefer the stories that their...


The Water of Life


K. J. Erben (1811 – 1870) was one of the most important Czech writers of the 19th century, who inspired a number of later works of art and cultural activities. 
He was fascinated by the alleged mysteries hidden in folklore. As a folklore collector, he concentrated on narrative poems, legends and ballads and like the German romanticists (Grimm brothers) Erben also collected fairy tales. He looked for elements of ancient myths in living folk narratives. When editing fairy tales, Erben...


The Lost Sun (3+)


Did you know, kids, that the sun is just as curious as you? He has decided to explore the world. Come along with him! Adventure awaits! This story with its beloved illustrations is sweet and exudes an absolute love of nature. This smart tale not only shows how love gives us courage and strength, it also teaches children the days of the week.

Adolf Dudek (1964) originally studied nutritional technology and worked in many different fields. Finally, he followed his passion and...


Animals (2+)


The board book for the youngest show different animals – a horse, a cow, a dog, a cat and many others.

150 x 150 mm, 12 pp. Original title Zvířátka

Josef Lada (1887 – 1957) was Czech painter, author, illustrator and dramatist.  He was born in a small village of Hrusice in a cobbler's family. Entirely self-taught, he created his own style as a caricaturist for newspapers, and later as an illustrator. Lada created some 15 000 drawings and over 400 painting, he...


Clever Aunt Fox (6+)


As a pup, Fox was doing pretty well in the lodge. She had learned how to speak, read, and even write from the people around. But when she grew up she wanted to see the world, and so Fox ran off and lived in a nearby forest. Because she was not only smart, but brave and resourceful too, she embarked on incredible adventures.

163 x 238 mm, 92 pp, HC. Original title: O chytré kmotře lišce

Josef Lada (1887 – 1957) was Czech painter, author, illustrator and dramatist.  He...


Lada’s Funny Natural History (4+)


Funny rhymes about the animals living all around us and those in more exotic countries. The poet writes with wit and ease about their appearance and character traits. Rhymes about the bird and dog band, the forest ball, the field robbery and further animal stories are perfect for reading and being read aloud. From this unique cooperation of poet and illustrator comes this pretty book for the enjoyment of the youngest children.

Text František Hrubín, illustrations Josef Lada. 195...


Little Lucy’s Book (2+)


A great big picture book for the littlest of children. The intended audience includes two-year-olds whom the book will be read to, and beginning readers who are just learning to recognize their letters. The simple tale details the daily life of Lucy and her friend, Dominic the cat – what they do, where they go, what they see, whom Lucy likes and who likes her. The book is notable for its large letters, number of pictures, and the simplicity of its writing. It even has an illustrated glossary...


Mikes (6+)


The little tomcat Mikes, who could speak, lived in the cobbler’s familyin the small village of Hrusice. His best friend was the cobbler’s son Joey.They did many funny things with Pasik the pig, Bobes the buck and Nacicek, asilly little kitten. Mikes wants to see the world and travels with a circus fora while. East, west, home is best – in the end he returns to his old friendsagain. A classic Czech story by the illustrator Josef Lada.

Text and illustrations: Josef Lada, 340 pp,...


Ku-ku! (2+)


This very classic board book was published for the first time already in 1941. Illustrated by Josef Lada, a Czech painter and illustrator known especially for his illustrations of the novel The Good Soldier Švejk and the adventures of Mikesch, a little black cat who could talk.

Josef Lada, 240 x 160 mm | 16 pp | boardbook

Josef Lada (1887 – 1957)

was Czech painter, author, illustrator and dramatist.  He was born in a small village of Hrusice in a cobbler's...


Folk Tales (5+)


The most beautiful Czech classic fairy tales, such as “Princess Goldie”, “Cook, Mug, Cook!”, “Mr. Long, Mr. Broad and Mr. Sharpeye”, “The Gingerbread House” or “The Seven Ravens”.

K.J. Erben, Božena Němcová, il. Josef Lada. 195 x 255 mm, 120 pp, hard cover. Albatros, original title Pohádky, original edition 1964

Josef Lada (1887 – 1957) was Czech painter, author, illustrator and dramatist.  He was born in a small village of Hrusice in a cobbler's family. Entirely...


Little Ann and her Friends (series, 7+)


A lively and readable story on little schoolgirls and on everything that girls whisper to each other and like to read. Parents of Ann, the main character, have left for Africa on business, and so Ann stays with her grandmother in a village for the whole year. First, she is slightly afraid of the new environment but soon makes friends with two of her schoolmates and experiences great girly adventures with them.

Ivana Peroutková, il. Eva Mastníková, 145 x 120 mm, hard cover


Salt Water Sea (6+)


A new book of verse from the inimitable poet Radek Malý, who won the Magnesia Litera prize for his collection Postman Wind. This time the author focuses on the mystery of the sea, its cruelty and its magnificence. As with Postman Wind, Malý’s poetry is accompanied and intensified by the art of illustrator and painter Pavel Čech. This gorgeous work will transport the reader into the beauty of the brine – a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the sea, adventure and poetry.

215 x...


Human Clew (7+)


What child doesn’t want to be a grown-up? Childhood is but longing to become an adult – and adulthood is but longing to be a child, be it for a little while.

Lidské klubíčko (Human Clew) is a poetic dialogue between Vladimír Vokolek (1913—1988), one of the most significant Czech poets of the 20th century, with his son, and vice versa.  On various stylistic levels and touching all kinds of issues, from light humor and childish games to matters of life and death, the man talks to...


The Postman Wind (5+)


Radek Malý, ill. Pavel Čech | 215 x 215 mm, 40 pp | children’s poetry

Radek Malý, one of the most respected young Czech poets, has teamed up with the award-winning illustrator Pavel Čech to create a moving, dreamlike book of children’s poetry about autumn. Evoking the gentle breeze of autumn and the subtle dance of falling leaves, the book cannot fail to charm readers of any age. Radek Malý’s poems are both playful and somber, merry and nostalgic, and, above all, highly touching...


Clouds, Claws, Clutter (poetry)


“A kaleidoscope of 19th Century Czech Children’s Poetry. A unique narrative experience providing both children and adults valuable insight into a literary age whose texts have faded out of our contemporary view.

Selection Petr Šrámek, illustrations Chrudoš Valoušek | 210 x 235 mm, 304 pp, hard cover | Original title Hrábky drábky odpadky, Albatros 2012

Awards: Golden Ribbon Award for design, Albatros Award for illustrations


Somewhat Spooky (9+)


These stories with a horror tinge are aimed at readers 9 and up, and feature heroes that are kids and teens. Tales with mysterious phenomena, nightmares, spider webs, wolf tracks, ghastly creatures, fire gnomes, and other chilling topics will give you goose bumps, and surprise you with their endings. After each story, short comics add levity to this thrilling read.

Albatros discovered this immensely talented author in an anonymous contest for the best manuscript of 2010.


Farewell, Long Train (2+)


A board book with the pictures of a long freight train by a famous artist, Kamil Lhoták, will definitely appeal to every little boy. And since the train is drawn by a steam engine, it will appeal to fathers as well. They will be happy to explain their children that today it is only rarely that they get to see a train like this, since technology has come a long way since 1954 when the book was published for the first time. In the Internet auction, first-edition copies are worth hundreds of...


White Caroline and Black Caroline (5+)


An anthology of 13 fairy tales from all over the world whose heroes are courageous and smart young women. Not just the poor daughters of farmers and fishermen, but also fearless princesses. Includes: Molly Whuppie (British), White Caroline (Flemish), Little Mette and the English Prince (Danish), The Bad Luck Girl (Romanian), The Princess and the Flower of Trouble (Portuguese), The Princess and the Hazelnuts (British), Mona and the Mirage King (French), The Girl Disguised as a Poor Student...


Window to the Chimney (5+)


Luke and his friends discover an old brickworks chimney, with a great window in the middle. Luke uses the window like the lens of a telescope—and he can see all the way to Africa. In Africa, of course there are giraffes, elephants, and lions, but there is also Luke’s dad. He’s been gone for ages and Luke can’t wait for him to finish building a bridge there so he can return home. As the boy watches for his father every day, he befriends a man whose grandfather used to own the factory. In the...


Puffee of Fairy Tale Junction (5+)


DISCOVER A NEW DIMENSION TO READING! The first book in the Czech Republic that employs augmented reality. Using the application “Pufflee” (“Pufík”) on your smartphone brings the illustrations to life, watch them move as they react to your child’s touch. Sound effects complete the atmosphere. Normally children can only go to Fairy Tale Junction in their dreams, and in the book little Joey goes on an incredible adventure with Puffee, meeting amazing characters. Visit Icecreambad, the Well of...


The Little Rats (5+)


Hubert and Hodan, two rats, live in a little junkyard in a faraway countryside. Together with their garden gnome friend, Ludvík, they live in the drawers of a sewing machine, overlooking a vacuum cleaner. One day, Eda – a white rat from Prague – involuntarily arrives in a fresh load of garbage. Hubert and Hodan are clever country rats; Eda, on the other hand, is a smart and sophisticated lab rat. Their different backgrounds balance each other out, and soon our heroes set out with Eda to tour...


The Comforter (4+)


On the highest mountain in the world, there is a castle called Dreamchester, where Marelin, the wizard of dreams, sleep elves and other mystical creatures live. Sneaky Nokular reports what is happening on Earth and which children are not yet sleeping. The sleep elves visit those still awake, bundling them in blankets and lulling them to sleep. The most restless boy of all, Jonas, is visited by the greatest sleep-blanket of all, The Comforter. But the two immediately become best friends and...


How Figs the Megadog grew up (2+)


A colorful board book tells a popular story of a little puppy that grew up into a giant-sized dog; in this particular story, Figs the Megadog saves his friend's life. board book, 150 x 150 mm, 12 pp, 2 +. Original title: Jak Fík vyrostl

Rudolf Čechura (1931) is the author of crime stories, science fiction, television bedtime stories and  children’s books, best known for his “Figs the Megadog”. He is a member of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Jiří Šalamoun...


Travels of Figs the Megadog (5+)


The continuation of popular Stories of Figs the Megadog. This time Figs the Megadog lives happily in a little house with his owner and friend, little Aya. But he one day decides that he really should see and explore the world, this book is a lively portrayal of his breath-taking journey.

195 x 255 mm, 88 pp, hard cover, 5+. Original title: Maxipes Fík na cestách

Rights sold: Slovak

Rudolf Čechura (1931) is the author of crime stories, science fiction,...


Stories of Figs the Megadog (5+)


Little Aya gets a puppy. She can’t speak very well yet – she’s only a little girl – so instead of Rex, which was originally supposed to be his name, shed calls her puppy Figs. What a surprise when Figs grows and grows: he soon outgrows all doghouses – he has become a giant size dog, a megadog! He uses his size to his advantage: he learns to fetch the father’s newspaper, he wins a horse race, he saves Aya, gets to school and gets hired as a boatman.

Rudolf Čechura, illustrations...


Kuba Does Not Want to Read (6+)


Little Kuba does not want to read, write and count. He doesn’t feel like attending school at all. How does the nice teacher convince him to change his mind? An ideal reading for all the first graders who do not like school to much.

Coming soon: Kuba Does Not Want to Sleep (Kuba nechce spát)

Petra Braunová, il. Jiří Bernard, 72 pp, 160 x 195 mm, hard cover. Original title: Kuba nechce číst. Series: First Reading

About the first reading series: the core...


The White Tiger Princess (6+)


An enchanting adventure story about a white tiger cub, one of our planet’s endangered species. After she was born, the tigress Zorí was a happy and adorable kitten learning from her mother how to survive in the jungles of India with her brother Sark. Her carefree childhood comes to a sudden end, unfortunately, when sees hunters “shoot” her mother and drag Sark away in a net. Without her family, Zorí must overcome struggles on her own. Dangerous situations abound until the panther Ogalí finds...


Gosh Dang and Other Stories (7+)


This book won 1st prize in Albatros Literary Competition for Best Original Modern Fairy Tale. Thieves Einstein and Blockhead break into a house that belongs to the hideous and lonely witch Nightshade. Which of the thieves will become her groom. In another story in a tiny faraway kingdom, everything runs so smoothly that the king’s advisors worry about their jobs – so they find a dragon on the Internet to terrorize the land and help the advisors earn the respect they need. But times have...


Toot the Car (6+)


One day in the auto factory a gorgeous Mercedes enters the world and immediately takes to the roads. On her tour through France she meets a Laurin Klement, which wins her heart through some thrilling races. The Daimler family, the Renaults with their shiny cylinders, kind old Uncle Opel, sporty Aunt Bugatti, and even Lord Rolls-Royce himself attend their magnificent wedding… Soon afterwards a little red car, Toot, comes into the world. And it’s not long before this fearless automobile sets...


What a Ride! (9+)


Five friends share a passion for skateboards and rollerblades. Most of all they like skating around the old cloisters, which they sneak into over the crumbling garden walls. Inside they find an old mill with flooring that makes a great half-pipe. Once the children discover an underground lair hiding fascinating spoils, their true adventure begins. Secrets long-hidden will shock when they are revealed. A Story from the Half-Pipe.

Czech title: To je jízda, Albatros 2012 | Ester...


They Called Me Leni (9+)


Following World War II a 10-year-old German girl Leni begins to suspect that she may have different origins as she tries to reconcile the many discrepancies of her life at home and at school. During the war, little Alena was adopted from a Czech family to live as Leni with a German family, unaware of her origins. At school, she is called “Czech bastard”, and when she overhears her adoptive family fighting about her behind the closed doors and discovers a suitcase in the attic filled with...


Kubula and Kuba Kubikula (6+)


Vladislav Vančura, il. Zdeněk Miler | 163 x 238 mm, 88 pgs
languages: CZ, SK

When Vladislav Vančura published his only children’s book in 1931, it came as a great surprise to his readers: the high priest of Czech literary modernism managed here to transform his complex, ornamental style into an easy-to-read, sweet story whose popularity has not diminished in the decades which followed.

The story of a boy, Kuba Kubikula, and his bear cub Kubula, is set in “the times...


Mr. McWurst and Mr. Toothpickson (5+)


When these two first met, they just had to laugh. They both laughed at themselves because one looked like a barrel and the other like a bean-pole. But they liked each other right off the bat, and headed off to Rosemary’s restaurant to cement their friendship. The first man was named McWurst and, true to his name, he ordered a dozen plates of bratwurst and bread; the second, Mr. Toothpickson, ordered linden tea and a cracker. As they dined Mr. Toothpickson had a brilliant idea. He had read in...


Smarties for Grandpa Ed (5+)


A story of family in which great grandfather, who is called „Grandpa Ed“ by everyone, grandfather, and a young married couple with a little son live together. This is the first portrayal of Alzheimer’s disease in Czech literature for children.

The book is shocking at first sight when we take into consideration the connection between the subject matter and the concrete addressee. It is a literary arrangement about the problems of the Alzheimer disease, a subject matter that is...


A Good World (6+)


Twenty nine short stories alternately narrated by ten-year-old Meggie, eight-year-old Marc, and three-year-old Emma – and even a dog – will lead young readers throughout the year from fall to summer and through family matters too (“The Way to School,” “Winter,” “Sadness,” “Love,” “Present,” “Happiness,” “What I Will Be,” “When I’m Seventy”...). These warm stories, with their witty observations from children’s perspectives, evoke a feeling of safety, certainty and peace: just what many...


Two Merry Tales (2+)


What happen, when the naughty Dragon lets dry a stream? And when the king wears a pot instead of a crown? Two stories beautifully illustrated by Zdeněk Miler.

Hana Doskočilová, illustrations Zdeněk Miler | 195 x 255 mm, 36 pp, hard cover binding. Original title: 2 veselé pohádky


Pat & Mat, And That’s It! (5+)


Two handyneighbours get into trouble by trying to cope with daily little problems. Patand Mat are well know from Czech animated series featuring two handymen,created by Vladimír Jiránek and Lubomír Beneš and distributed in more than 80 countries. The bookcontain four popular episodes: Wallpaper, Carpet, Rocking chair and Water

IvanRössler, Vladimír Jiránek |235 x 235 mm, 60 pp, hard cover | original title:Pat a Mat… a je to!

in the same series: Pat and...


Mechanical Fish (8+)


Planet Earth has become uninhabitable. People couldn’t stop plundering and destroying it, and as a result doomed themselves. The only things left on the planet are AI machines. The last vestiges of human creativity – two mechanical fish made of metal, unnamed they carry the numbers 7 and 8 on their sides. Let’s follow their fantastic journey to the bottom of the sea and finally beyond the universe.

This graphic novel (for chidren ages 8 to 12) exposes the ecological problems...


Football Dreams (8+)


Football Dreams is the story of young Vojta, a gifted and passionate football player. His greatest dream is to play for the famous Prague team Slavia. But his nice life in southern Bohemia is disrupted by tragedy: his father dies of a heart attack. To help them get over the shock faster, his grandfather decides they should move to Prague. There Vojta begins playing for a small club team. He keeps his distance from the other boys, only coming into contact with Matěj, whom he cannot stand. His...


Hromnice (7+)


This story of a little girl with the unusual name Hromnice has a positive message that will appeal to children and adults alike. The text exudes a spirit of peacefulness and optimism, and it isn’t lacking in the humor department either. In a literary contest held by Albatros Publishing in 2009, the book’s manuscript won the award for Best Original Czech Prose. It is accompanied by the colorful illustrations of Zuzana Seye.
When a storm brings darkness to nature and anxiety oppresses the...


Nikola’s Trip (9+)


Nikola doesn’t have it easy at home. Her dad died and now she doesn’t get along with her mom’s boyfriend, Zdeňek. Luckily her little brother, Martin, likes her and understands her. And then there’s Ms. Stoklasová, who babysits for little Martin from time to time so Nikola can go to school (something she doesn’t do very often). But one day Ms. Stoklasová suffers a heart attack looking after little Martin. He calls 911 and saves her life. In return Ms. Stoklasová grants him a wish – Martin...


The Worst Day of Philip’s Third Grade Life (9+)


Petra Braunová has written a tough little story for kids, since Philip L. does not have an idyllic life at all. Although his conscience troubles him, Philip has been a nice nine-year-old boy. That is, up until thirteen-year-old Monica butted into his life. Since his mom started dating Monica’s dad, Peter, things have been smooth as sandpaper. Monica hates Philip, blaming him for stealing her dad away. But why does she blame Philip? Why not the adults who actually had some control over those...


Read Me a Story! (5+)


Read me a story, kids always plead. And they’ll certainly be happy if you read them one these. This wide-ranging collection includes playful stories from the world of fairy tales and this world. Children, princesses and animals, as well as inanimate protagonists like a red sports car, a pot and a musical instument, star as the heroes of these unforgettable stories. Just open and read!

Barbora Houfová, il. Ivo Houf | 195 x 255 mm, 72 pp, hardcover | Original title: Přečti mi...


Dragon Soup (10+)


Long has two lives. While at home he speaks Vietnamese and eats with chopsticks, at school he speaks Czech, eats with silverware, and is called Láďa. He lives with his mom and granddad in a Prague apartment block. But there is one more member of the household— the invisible Master Kung, an ancient Chinese philosopher. Long knows of his father only from the dragon legend that his mom has been telling him since he was little. The life of the family is defined by the daily rituals that granddad...


From Spring to Spring (3+)


František Hrubín, il. Matěj Forman | 210 x 235 mm, 120 pp | children's poetry

The work of František Hrubín belongs to the treasury of Czech poetry and his verses for children form its integral and significant part. 
Selection of rhymes and poems offer to the youngest the first language lessons which combine cognition and a fine aesthetic sense. The verses have magic impact, underlined by resounding rhyme and a pronounced rhythm.
Books is richly and beautifully...


Second Reading (7+)


is the series that follows First Reading.
Under the “We Can Read on Our Own” subtitle, this series is for more advanced readers who have already mastered basic reading techniques and can read without difficulty.
While reading abilities of young students can vary quite a bit, this series will most likely appeal to children in the second and third grade. Second Reading contains a wide variety of poetic and humorous stories—fairy tales and stories of children, animals, and objects....


First Reading (6+)


the core series of Albatros Publishing, is intended for beginning readers: children in the first and second grade who have already mastered the basic techniques of reading.
Large and easy-to-read fonts in a square format perfectly sized for children’s hands, creative covers marked distinctively, suitable content in short chapters, rich illustrations with lush colors—these are all attributes that make this established series a favorite among readers.
These kind stories and humorous...


Baba Jaga, Bone-Leg (5+)


Alena Ježková, one of the most adored authors of contemporary Czech children’s books, has now chosen to tell the most famous Russian fairy tales in a fresh new way. Older readers will delight in the stories of their youth, and younger readers will discover wonderful tales and realize that the horror genre is nothing new. Not only will they be introduced to such legendary figures from the world of fairy tales as Finist the glorious falcon and wise Vasilisa, but they will be terrified by Baba...


Greek myths (8+)


The most beautiful and best-known myths and legends of ancient Greece. Over the course of 22 stories readers will visit different countries, get to know themselves with mysterious creatures and miraculous animals, and primarily a large family of gods of Olympus – their fabulous power, their virtues and weaknesses.

Alena Ježková, illustrations Michaela Kukovičová | 195 x 255 mm, 176 pp, 2009
languages: CZ, SK. Original Czech title: Řecké báje

The World’s...


Fimfarum Third Time Lucky (6+)


The book contains three Jan Werich's fairy tales originally published in the collection “Fimfárum”: How the Giants in the Sumava Mountains Died Out, A King has three Sons and Reason and Good Fortune.
The selected stories are complement with captures from the 3D animation film based on them, and artwork design documents including 3D pictures.
French distributor prepares a huge release of the film under the title Le Jardinier qui voulait etre roi.
Stories by the Czech comedian...


Too Many Angels (6+)


In this children’s book angels, guardian and otherwise, take center stage in stories grounded in the real world; however, the stories incorporate an important element from the realm of fairy tales—the faith that good will beat evil, that love will conquer hate, that justice will defeat injustice.

Petr Chudožilov, illustrations Zuzana Bočkayová Bruncková. 163 x 238 mm, 136 pp, hard cover. Albatros 2013. Age 6+

Petr Chudožilov (1943) is a storyteller, columnist,...


Ghost Nanny (6+)


The “White Lady” ghost, Perchta of Rožmberk, no longer enjoys haunting every night. For four hundred and sixteen years she has been stuck within an old painting, only getting to stretch her stiff bones during her midnight walks along the castle walls. So she decides to post an ad as a nanny, and she becomes the au pair of five little rascals. The book is filled with super-natural and just plain super tales.

Golden Ribbon 2010

Pavel Brycz, il. Eva Sýkorková...


One Year with Hurvinek (4+)


Helena Šťáchová | 195 x 255 mm | 112 pp | 2011

Spejbl and Hurvinek, two Czech popular marionettes, celebrated 80th anniversary in 2010. The Spejbl and Hurvinek Theatre has performed in 31 countries on four continents, including Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, India, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico and Spain and offers to the audience genuine entertainment full of fantasy and gentle humor accompanied by technical perfection.
For the first time this popular characters appear also in...


Bob and Bobbie (5+)


Jaroslav Pacovský, Jiří Šebánek, Pavel Šrut, illustrations Vladimír Jiránek | SERIES
languages: CZ, SK, HU, PL

Funny adventures of two rabbits living in a magician's hat

A trio of Czech authors -  Jiránek, Pacovský and  Šebánek – created at the end of 1970s  a likable duo – two white rabbits, Bob and Bobbie. They cannot be described as fairy-tale creatures because their appearance, abilities and characteristic features are absolutely deeply rooted in this world....


Heartbeats and Drumbeats (5+)


Jan Jirků, Robert Smolík | 163 x 238 mm, 48 pp, 2010
language: CZ

Modern fairy-tale

The modern fairy-tale tells the story of three gnomes on the quest to bring back the stolen ring of princess Květuška. The book is based on a successful performance of Minor Theatre, the most respected and widely popular Czech theatre for children.

Jan Jirků graduated from the Theatre Academy in Prague; in the years 2004—2006, he was the artistic director of Minor...


Emma and the Magical Book (7+)


Petra Braunová, illustrations Tomáš Řízek | 195 x 255 mm, 96 pp, 2010
languages: CZ, SK

Mysterious and touching fairy tale.

SUK 2010 - Children's Choice Award (the winner)
SUK 2010 - Librarian's Award (the winner)

Ten year old Emma cannot remember that she ever lived anywhere else but the sad and poor orphanage. Although she wears the same institutional uniform as everyone else there, something sets her apart—she can see and hear what...


Aurora (6+)


Martina Doležalová, il. Zuzana Klementová | 163 x 238 mm, 56 pp, 2009
languages: CZ, SK

A children’s book rendered in an unprecedented, alternatively illustrated style.

The book is entitled “Aurora and the Rider from the Other Side”; and in the words of the author “a wide river flows through the centre of the story”. The pivotal focus of this baladic fairy-tale is the relationship between the king and his horse. At the very beginning of the story a young king sees...


Cars Stories (5+)


Jiří Kahoun | il. Bohumil Fencl | 163 x 238 mm, 76 pp, 2009
language: CZ, SK

Bestseller 2009!

Short stories full of cars! Following the success of “Stories of Train Engines” this book come with two dozen tales inspired by the world of fast cars and engines. All stories are about the four wheels, but each in a different form, different size and meet with them at various places.


Sky Stories (7+)


People have always dreamed of flying. Flying through the sky like a bird, watching the world below. It took more than a few failures and painful attempts before we succeeded. Here you can read about Louis Blériot flying over the English Channel, or about the first man on the Moon.

Jiří Kahoun, illustrations Petr Morkes, 163 x 238 mm, 72 pp, hard cover. Original title: O létajících strojích, Albatros 2013


Stories of Train Engines (5+)


Jiří Kahoun | il. Jiří Fixl | 163 x 238 mm, 72 pp, 2007
languages: CZ, SK

Short stories full of trains, engines, train dispatchers, conductors as well as children and animals. The author was inspired by a fascinating railway world. His tales deal with railway and train motifs in a variety of forms, creating a totally bizarre and poetic world.


A Dog's Life in Winter Prague (8+)


Pavla Skálová, il. Martina Skala | 195 x 255 mm, 80pp, 2007
languages: EN, CZ 

We are three friends, two puggie-doggies - that is two pug girls - and one pussycat, a Persian, and we all live with our master in an old house by the river, in a neighborhood called "by the riverbank", near the bridge that is even older...
Life in old Prague, as the doggies see it.


Kittens (series, 4+)


Little kitten boys Macourek and Canfourek, female cat Pacička, and their roguish friend Tom Cat are familiar to many children from the TV bedtime cartoon show. The series contain various formats: picture book, comics, activity books or the board books.


Once Upon a Time There Were Kittens

Six humorous stories about three small kittens who have lots of adventures. First the kittens want to charm an aching tooth, then they don't want to...


Funny Adventures of the Primeval Man (6+)


Seven funny stories of a primeval man presenting the development of the mankind in a light, entertaining way.

Pavel Teisinger, il. Josef Lamka and Marcela Walterová, 56 pp, 195 x 255 mm
From the same series: The Primeval Man and the Primeval Woman, New Adventures of the Primeval Man


Pat and Mat (5+)


Jaroslav Pacovský, Jiří Šebánek, illustrations Vladimír Jiránek | 235 x 235 mm, 64pp, 2006
Languages: CZ, SK, PL

Funny reading for children and their fathers

Two handy men who always strive to solve a particular problem. In doing so they use different, usually insuitable, tools which leads to further problems. In the end, the twosome solves the dilemma by using the least effective method. Sparkling wit used in the stories is not purposeless, it serves as...


Gravelpebble and Agary (5+)


Václav Čtvrtek, illustrations Zdeněk Smetana | 235 x 235 mm, 136 pp, 1974
languages: CZ, SK, HU, PL

Two little guys from a house made of a stub: one is rather skinny, while the other is quite fat but they complement each other perfectly. They love their common household and they have time for a lot of amusing and useful activities. Who is the best at planting a seed, at making a swing, at shooting a big gun or greeting a little mouse, or setting alight a “flaming goblin”?...


Rakosnicek the Reed Gnome and the Stars (series, 6+)


Rakosnicek, a jolly, big-nosed restless gnome with seven hairs on his head lives on the shore of the Brčálník pond. In this series of Rakosnicek’s adventures, the gnome heads for the skies above. When Brčálník is veiled by pitch-darkness and the first stars glitter on the pond’s surface, the gnome’s sky adventures with Big Dipper, Sagittarius, Dragon, Eagle, Cancer, Aquarius or Polaris begin. Rakosnicek and the Stars tells you what wonders you can see in the night sky.



Incredible September (10+)


This modern, exciting and funny story is a great reading, particularly for boys. Strange things happen around the main character, 10-years-old Tomas. When his friends and he hide in a field, circles appear around them, and after some time he encounters alien beings from another planet.

Petra Braunová, 116 pp, 114 x 194 mm


Great Book of Extraordinary Animals (10+)


Ladislav Konečný | il. Jozef Gertli Danglár | 163 x 238 mm, 104 pp
language: Czech

Herman Melville, Emile Zola, Kafka, Woolf, Virgin, Anatole France, Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, Svatopluk Cech - masters of the written word, whose work is still alive and inspiring. In this book we bring you an anthology of their texts, where animals perform many in a variety of forms and characteristics.


Bugbears and Water Gnomes (6+)


Funny stories of Brčál the Water Gnome and Mulisák the Bugbear, and of their pleasures and troubles bringing up their offspring, Pulec and Bubáček, have been widely read by generations of Czech children.

Author: Josef Lada, Illustrator: Josef Lada, pages: 128, 163 x 238 mm. Original title Bubáci a hastrmani, Albatros. Original edition 1953

Josef Lada (1887 – 1957)

was Czech painter, author, illustrator and dramatist.  He was born in a small village of...


Tomcat Blue-Eyes’ Diaries (6+)


Little tomcat with blue eyes tells the readers what has happened to him since he was born – about his first days with the Big Two-Legged Creature (his human master), about meeting the other cats and his beloved Kiki and how he became the proud father of four little kitten.

Josef Kolář, il. Helena Zmatlíková, 195 x 255 mm, 108pp, hard cover. Original title: Z deníku kocoura Modroočka, 1965


A New Interpretation of Popular Verne Novels (series, 9+)


Ondřej Neff is a recognized author of sci-fi literature. An expert and collector of Jules Verne’s works, he has now abridged and interpreted these stories. They are now more accessible and attractive illustrations from Zdeněk Burian elevate this book into the collector’s category.

Jules Verne, Ondřej Neff, illustrations Zdeněk Burian | format of the series: 163 x 238 mm, hard cover

Other titles in the series: Two Years' Vacation, Mathias Sandorf ,...


Nine Tales (6+)


Karel Čapek, arguably the best Czech writer, wrote this collection of modern fairy tales as a sort of divertiment from his serious work. Čapek’s Nine Tales have been the symbol of Czech quality children’s literature for more than seventy years.

Karel Čapek, il. Josef Čapek, 163 x 238 mm, 256 pp


A Horse Named Miracle (10+)


This story revolving around a summer at a riding school also contains a mystery about the owner of the stables. Kids from many different places come to the Ember Riding School, and since they do not know each other, it takes a while for them to become close. Even the horses differ greatly; however, the most beautiful is the palomino Miracle. Everyone wants to be his rider. The main heroine, Emma, becomes popular with the owner when she saves Miracle from a dangerous bout of colic. And this...


Bandit the Pony (7+)


Bandit is a happy black pony that would like to befriend Evelínka. Evelínka is a smart, but spoiled, seven-year-old who likes the pony. She forgets, however, that Bandit is a living creature and she cannot just do whatever she wants with him. But an adventure they share in the forest opens Evelínka’s eyes. She discovers that Bandit is a true friend, and she becomes a better person because of him. This inspiring and funny story not only brings the much-sought-after equestrian tale to young...


The Season of Secret Wishes (9+)


Life can be painful and unjust in a country where ideas are controlled. For Kapka, whether she´s playing soccer or walking the neighbors´ dog, eating freshly baked pastries or sharing secrets with a friend, it is also a thrilling adventure. The Season of Secret Wishes leaves you feeling, as she does, that the future is full of promise.


Deutscher Jugendliteratur Preis award for the best children’s book

the Czech Golden Ribbon for youth literature more...

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