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It’s My First Year at School!


Do you have a first-grader at home? Do you know what your child needs to know and do in order to get off to a flying start? Help him/her get ready.

These fun tasks are designed to allow children to practise basic skills and abilities for use in classes of mathematics, elementary science, reading and writing. Make your child’s first year at school easier by showing him/her that there’s nothing to fear and that learning is fun.

Marie Tetourová, Marie Kšaltová, il....


A Big Book of Mazes


A big book of funny tasks, mazes, simple examples, colouring and completing pictures. They support the development of fantasy, logical thinking, concentration and sense of art for little children. They prepare children for school education.

illustrations Antonín Šplíchal, 207 x 290 mm, 128 pp, hard cover. Fragment 2015, age 5+


Clever, Playful Little Hands


This book contains over fifty creative ideas for parents and children and also for art and crafts in the first and second years of primary school. These ideas are simple and playful, and they use affordable materials and household items that would otherwise be thrown away. The book is divided into practical sections according to difficulty – there are ideas for two-, three-, four-, five- and six-year-olds.

Inka Faustová, 195 x 255 mm, 96 pp, hard cover. Age 2+. Albatros, original...




The animal world can be compared to an Olympic stadium. Everyone tries to be the best of all in order to survive. Skills of some animals are which frog would manage to poison twenty thousand mice?

which animal lives longer than 150 years?

which species can carry thousandfold of its own weight?

which animal can see heat?

All of this and much more can be found in this unique book of Animal Olympic records!

Format 195×255 mm, 48 pages,...




The world of animals is a fantastic display of various forms of acclimatization, offensive and defensive strategies, or ways to find a partner. Do you know how colourful coral prawns are useful to sea fish? Why venomous South American frogs carry their offspring on their backs? How tanrecs hunt using sounds? All of this you will find in this encyclopedia full of vivid photos and surprising facts from the world of animals living all around the world.

Format 195×255 mm, 96 pages,...


English Dictionary for Trips


A handy manual for all travellers! Funny pictures illustrate the essential words and typical situations on the road. The book contains also important phrases for travellers and summarizes basic information about the destination for tourist.

At the airport (departures, arrival) – On the plane – At the railway and bus station – On the train – In the port – In the centre of the city – Transport and the underground – Looking  for the right direction – At the stop – Prepositions of...


The First Grader’s Album – My First Year at School


Put together a unique jigsaw of memories of your child’s first year at school!

What the first school day was alike…

What were the teacher’s and classmates’ names…

What the first school report was like…

What the first school trip was like…

… and a lot of other experiences.

Put in photographs, draw pictures, put down notes and create an original album of memories which will please the whole family.

F 242 x 260...


My First Illustrated English Dictionary


Help your children enter the world of English. The picture dictionary is designed for children who are just beginning to learn English. The combination of a word with a picture helps to facilitate memorization and therefore this dictionary is suitable for children who cannot yet read. The words are listed alphabetically, they are supplemented by thematic pages and at the end of the book there is an index.

207 x 275 mm, 128 pp, laminated hardback. Original title 1111 anglických...


Fun with Crayons - Farm Animals


A Playful Guide to Drawing for Kids! This book is an interactive text. It teaches young readers how to draw animals simply and step-by-step (right into the book). It also teaches children to understand the process of drawing: where to start and where to go from there. It reveals the hidden similarities between individual figures and shows how simple modifications can slightly or drastically change a character.

The book develops children’s:

mental and motor skills more...


Fun with Crayons - Zoo Animals


A Playful Guide to Drawing for Kids! This book is an interactive text. It teaches young readers how to draw animals simply and step-by-step (right into the book). It also teaches children to understand the process of drawing: where to start and where to go from there. It reveals the hidden similarities between individual figures and shows how simple modifications can slightly or drastically change a character.

The book develops children’s:

mental and motor skills more...


Rubber bracelets and other marvellous decorations


Are you also overwhelmed by the beauty of colourful rubber bands and by everything you can make from them? Get inspired by photographs and step by step make original decorations, colourful bracelets, necklace, key ring or a beautiful star. The first book about rubber bands with loads of ideas for both boys and girls.

F 166 x 235 mm, 80 pp, Fragment


A Skilled Schoolchild – Counting, Writing, Completing Pictures


Books fullof puzzles and gap-fills containing a large number of fun tasks for pre-schoolchildren and infants. Children can not only colour the pictures but alsodevelop dexterity in outlining a variety of shapes, making them better preparedfor writing. In trying to discover the differences between similar pictures,they become familiar with counting and have fun. The task in this book promoteconcentration and develop a child’s imagination.

208 x 290 mm, 176 pp, laminated hard back....


Funny Creative Activities for Children


Can you do paper puzzles; make a dragon or Christmas wreath? You can´t? Then this book is exactly for you. It brings the best instructions for funny creative activities. Go for it; make a whistle, willow cane, a paper boat and other stuff.

210 x 297 mm, 96 pp, hardback. Fragment


Games and Tasks before I Go to School


This book brings games and tasks for preschool children. There are plenty of simple and entertaining tasks focuses on all the fields of development and skills which are necessary for your children to be successful at their school education. The kids learn to identify the shapes, practise and relax their hands, get ready for writing and drawing at school.

210 x 290 mm, 80 pp, laminated hard back. Original title: Hry a úkoly, než půjdu do školy


My Recipes


Do you remember your mother or grandmother making Christmas sweets according to an old book recipes? Such books are inherited from generation to generation and is a family treasure. Create your own treasure, your cookery book where you will put down your own recipes, which you want to preserve not only for yourself, but, also for your daughter, son, granddaughter or daughter in law. Open it and start writing your own cookery book.

165 x 240 mm, 160 pp, laminated flexibound. Fragment


Crochet Purses and Accessories


Do you want to be original? Do you want to impress your friends? Learn to crochet! All you need are good hands, a bit of imagination, and this book full of interesting and simple ideas. You’ll learn the basic techniques of classic and Tunisian crochet, you’ll test them out on a number of training projects, and immediately afterwards you can start making elegant purses, summer bags, and doilies.

Radka Modrová, 167 x 225 mm, 104 pp. Original title: Háčkované kabelky a doplňky,...


The Tiger Goes Roar, Roar…


A completely new perspective on current problems of children with symptoms of ADHD and hyperactivity based on the Kops’ method. Fiction story, a first grader and a boy with hyperactivity tells the reader the story about himself and his tiger.

Kamila and Petr Kops, 200 x 200 mm, 40 pp, hard cover binding. Original title Tygr dělá uáá uáá… , Edika 2014. Target group: children 6+, parents, teachers

Childhood is a part of life for every human being. It is the subject of...


Super Book Full of Games and Puzzles


Books full of puzzles and gap-fills containing a large number of fun tasks for pre-school children and infants. Children can not only colour the pictures but also develop dexterity in outlining a variety of shapes, making them better prepared for writing. In trying to discover the differences between similar pictures, they become familiar with counting and have fun. The task in this book promote concentration and develop a child’s imagination.

207 x 288 mm, 160 pp, laminated hard...


Into Darkness (memoirs)


The memoir of a soldier, who speaks openly and without embellishment of his career: entering the army, his training, his six-month deployment in Afghanistan, his return home. Readers looking for the story of a superhero will instead find one of a man, who went from being an enthusiastic boy to a mature veteran. A true character, Pavel Stehlík undertakes his own personal and professional odyssey, dodging traps and facing death in a variety of forms until he finds himself. It’s hard not to...


Needlework for Teens


A fun and practical guide for teenage girls and boys who want to learn to sew and make cool and elegant accessories – floral headbands, brooches, bags, wallets, cell-phone covers are just a few of the many impressive items in this book. Gradually, step-by-step, the book will introduce you to the materials and tools you’ll need, then you will learn the basic techniques and stitches, and finally without any worries you can embark on any of the book’s 17 incredible projects. Each project and...


Know What You Are Eating


The goal of this book is to reveal to children (of around 10 years of age) how their favorite treats (e.g. hamburgers, crab sticks, pastries, ice cream, etc.) are made, their negative health effects, and how they can easily and inexpensively create healthy, delicious variations on the food. In the book, young Doctor Healthison explains the most important organs in the human body, how they become sick, and how they can be repaired through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The book...


You Don't Know what You Eat - Biggest Bluffs of the Food Industry



CAUTION: Do not read this; it won’t make you feel good!

Friendly warning: What you are eating right now is not what it appears to be. Spit it out now!

To the surprise of the reader and the publisher the contents of this book are quite serious. It deals with facts vs. myths, real food vs. experts’ recommendations, how food manufacturers lie and hide behind the fame of “cooperating” (i.e....


The Guide to Interior Design


The Guide to Interior Design is not just for those who want to become interior designers, but anyone who has ever wanted to learn the professionals’ secrets in order to decorate their own homes.

In the first section of the book, the author introduces the readers to the fundamentals that every professional designer needs to know. In the second, she shows how to apply those principles in the design of each individual room of a house or apartment. She will guide you through every...


¡Habla y Opina!


One of the few textbooks dedicated exclusively to conversational Spanish, !Habla y Opina! offers a modern approach to language-learning that fulfills the demands of high schools, language institutes, and universities. Every page of the book helps develop the student’s speaking ability and active use of the language.

The 20 lessons are based on issues taken from contemporary social themes, such as relationships, health, economics, and education.

Each lesson is...


English for Self-Learners and False Beginners+ CD MP3


MODERN, MULTIMEDIA, METHOD – learn English in a fun and interesting way with this beautiful textbook.

This book contains 40 lessons with a review in every fifth lesson. Each lesson presents a theme and grammatical concept, which are then followed by exercises. In the Grammar Booster section you will find basic concepts – the most frequent tenses, comparatives and superlatives, uses of the article, countable and uncountable nouns, etc. The Vocabulary Booster file helps you...


Managing Personal Development



Think through problems about reaching your goals before they threaten your physical and psychological health! The book provides a professional view towards the problems of mental hygiene, self-direction, and an effective lifestyle.

theoretical and practical approaches to everyday reality, external stimuli, the rhythm of life, the balance between work and leisure, an efficient lifestyle, mental health, and...


Guide to The World of Managerial Coaching And Personality Types



Coaching is recognized today as one of the most effective methods of increasing the productivity of managers, work groups, and individuals, and helping them achieve their potential. The authors – experienced consultants, trainers, and coaches – provide practical instructions on how to employ in coaching and leadership methods based on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (the most widely used tool for classifying personality types...


Wire Wonders – Modern Wirework


This book serves as a guide to producing wirework jewelry and accessories. Make your own brooches, rings, and earrings. The individual projects are organized by their level of difficulty and skill, so the book is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Each step is explained clearly and accompanied by photographs.

A History of Wirework

Ideas for Inspiration

Materials and Tips


A Gallery of Wirework Projects



Art Ideas for the Whole Year


This book of art projects for 4 to 12-year-olds is invaluable to children, parents, and teachers. The book is divided in four chapters based on the seasons and offers 46 original projects. Every art lesson is broken down into several parts:

Goals of the Lesson from the teacher’s perspective

Tools and Material, children will easily find the most commonly used materials around the house or on walks outside

Motivation and Games precede the individual art...


Prehistoric Prints



Discover the undiscovered! That is the single mission for explorers. You may not know, however, that anyone can be an explorer, as long as they are curious, patient, and, of course, tenacious. See, explorers aren’t just fearless travelers, bold sailors, and wise scholars. Expeditions don’t have to set out into forests primeval, scorched deserts, or sheets of never-ending snow and ice. Lurking all around us are fascinating surprises waiting to be...


Fun Experiments for Kids (educational)



This book can be used either by children at home or as an educational supplement at school or after-school activities. Using simple tools, children can perform interesting experiments that test the laws of nature, and clearly learn scientific facts. Among other things, children will build a cord-phone, models of hands, a marble rollercoaster, and an hour glass.

Author Radek Chajda,167 x 225 mm, paperback....


Wonderful Summer Experiments with Water (educational)


This fun book shows elementary-school-aged children how to transform a garden or pool into a science lab. With the aid of some simple tools, children will discover on their own how certain natural laws function. Children have fun as they repeat experiments and learn a ton. They will learn, for example, how water fountains, water mills, and marble roller coasters work. Using a plastic bottle, they’ll even learn about torpedos.

Author Radek Chajda,167 x 225 mm, paperback. Age 7 -...


Investigating Liquids (educational)



This book popularizes physics. Can water flow against gravity? Which colors are mixed to make ink for pens? How do atomizers work? Can iron float? How do submarines work? Can fountains work without pumps? How do water clocks work? Can the color be removed from cola? Is it possible to cook with a paper pan?  By following the instructions in this book, a child can answer all these questions and more. more...


Young Engineer


Do you know where lightning balls come from? How to become invisible? When the first robot was made? How lie detectors work? This book presents a mosaic of contemporary issues and curiosities from the technical world.

Progress is marching ahead quicker than ever, but we are still trying to drive, fly and sail faster (and more economically and ecologically). We also want better technology for our households and higher industrial production. This book guides us through the world of...


Playing With Polymer Clay


Relax and create with polymer clay! Now you easily can, since we are offering techniques, ideas, and inspiration. In this brand new book by Monika Brýdová, you will find twenty creative projects, so look forward to learning patterns like the Lizard, the mysterious Hidden Magic, the patchwork-like Bargello, the shiny Fish, and many others. All the methods are explained step-by-step, accompanied by rich photographs and descriptions of the basic materials and tools.

Basic materials...


Crochet With Beads


Necklaces, bracelets, headbands and other products with beads can all be created with crochet. Our experienced author has prepared a range of beautiful projects, creative tips, and inspiration for crocheting. While crocheting beaded jewelry may seem extremely complicated, it is actually deceptively simple. You just need to know how to hold the crochet hook, how to make a strong loop – either a chain or a short wale – and indulge in your fantasies. Besides, you can bring your yarn, beads and...


Shaping and Strengthening Your Body from Your Chair + Jogging Your Mind.



Would you like to increase your brain power, improve your concentration, and quicken your reactions? Would you like a fun way to jog your mind? What about exercising from your chair, so that you can get in shape even when you must sit and work for a long time?

The first part of the book offers a series of fun exercise to increase your concentration – jogging your mind. The exercises...


Pilates for Ease of Conception + DVD (wellness & health)


Are you completely healthy but can’t fall pregnant? An experienced instructress of the Pilates method, the world reknown Mrs. Renata Sabongui, has put together a set of exercises for women who are suffering unexplainable sterility or have difficulties with pregnancy. The exercises improve the muscles of the pelvic floor and relieve some of the other pelvic muscles, helping to improve the natural conditions for conception. Among others, the exercises will also help you to strengthen your...




A Step-by-step Guide to Sculpting with Paper. Origami is a worldwide phenomenon, and there is an immense number of books devoted to the topic; however, this book is truly unique:

it is an actual textbook for origami; it utilizes textbook style diagrams with easy-to-read symbols that will be understood anywhere in the world, so that Hungarian, Japanese, or Vietnamese readers will be able to construct origami models without any problems

it has clear, step-by-step...


Managerial Psychology and Sociology


This publication uses the results of empirical research and the analysis of professional literature to define the state, function, and use of psychology and sociology in organizational management. The goal of the book is to enrich the psychology and sociology of management of complex approaches (technical, methodological, and practical) to fundamental issues that managers encounter every day (communication, conflicts, negotiations, teamwork, attitudes and values, power play, organizational...


Versatile Leadership



Eminent professors, together with an American expert on management issues, present the unique concept of versatile leadership, which highlights the necessity of adopting a seemingly contradictory but complementary set of managerial skills and applying them in a balanced and appropriate manner. The book offers methods to avoid a one-sided management approach that relies too heavily on the strengths of the leader’s personality at the expense...


Personality Types: Career Choice and Professional Success


Our work is a crucial part of our life. In order to lead a fulfilling life, a person should devote their efforts to what corresponds best to their own personality type. In his newest book the author, a renowned trainer and consultant, reveals the fundamental links between personality types and career choice. He offers advice on how different personality types can capitalize on their specific traits and strengths by selecting certain professions, as well as warning about weaknesses and...


Personality Types for Managers



A new edition of this popular book based upon Jung’s renowned typological theories. It provides methods to help us better understand ourselves through the lens of personality typology, how to recognize our personal style of management and approach to work, so that we may act quickly and decisively, resolving issues before they become problems. An understanding of personality...


Personality Types: Friends, Lovers, Spouses, Adults, and Children


This book introduces the broader public to the typology of personalities according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It studies in detail the dynamics of personalities, the development people of specific personalities undergo throughout their lives, and psychological disorders that can manifest during specific incidents in a person’s life. The author explores why some people are immediately likeable and why others have exactly the opposite effect. It provides a humorous but fascinating...


Charles IV: Roman Emperor, Czech King


1316 – 2016: 700th anniversary of Charles IV’s birth

Charles IV’s name belongs on the small list of figures whose life and deeds have left an indelible mark on European history. His life and work have fascinated people for centuries, and continues to do so today.

This unique publication presents this ruler from a multiplicity of perspectives. The gripping read describes his childhood at the French court, his stay in Italy, his fights with his father, John of...


Hidden by the Layers of Time



At the beginning of the 19th century, when the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, pterodactyls, and other giant vertebrates were unearthed and analyzed scientifically for the first time, a window opened letting humanity glimpse ancient geological ages which they had no idea even existed. Paleontology – the study of prehistoric life – was in its infancy, and the idea that giant reptiles once roamed the land instead of carriages and...


Fateful Moments of the 20th Century



A journalist and historian, the author of the book has spent much of his time engaging in a systematic study of the archives of the secret police; his discoveries there have informed this fascinating and sophisticated book, which examines world history through a unique lens.

Fateful Moments of the 20th Century is not a historical encyclopedia in the traditional sense with detailed summaries of wars and dry events that...


2 x 101 Books for Kids and Young Adults


Which is the right book for kids that will neither bore them nor ruin their taste in literature?

This publication summarizes the history of writing for children and young adults, selecting the most important, interesting, and beloved titles. A fourteen-member-team of specialists, under the direction of Pavel Mandys, put together this encyclopedia for all those who choose books for their children, or who want to recall the stories they read as children themselves. The book is...




The author of Homelands is popular geologist and philosopher Václav Cílek. Collaborating with Renáta Fučíková, he has created an impressive and unique publication. Each chapter begins with a large illustration of the chosen landscape, followed by fascinating text that reveals the sights and history of the region, specifying its characteristic features.

The book is intended for children and their parents. On the basis of the author’s years of traveling, he offers advice for trips...


1000 English Words (languages)


Illustrated dictionary. The book becomes a good helper for learning and practicing English words. On the fun images that illustrate the current life situations, you will find the names of things that are encountered daily. Focusing on travel, entertainment, household items, school, sports, etc. each thematic unit is completed by simple phrases from life. At the end there is a comprehensive Czech-English dictionary with all the words from the book.

- Fun illustrations...


Bob the Reindeer's Counting (math skills)


Pre-numerical Imagination Bob the Reindeer 1, 2, 3: these books were written for pre-school children, to develop their mathematical abilities, thus preventing problems with maths after they start primary school. At the same time it develops talents for maths and thinking. The second and third volume can be also used for children after they have started primary school and have problems with maths.

The basic mathematical concepts are introduced, e.g. all, some, little, much,...


Chemical Elements (playful science)


Chemical elements create our food, our bodies, the tools in our workshops, bathrooms, and pantries ... We can even find them in places we wouldn’t expect.  Additionally, their discovery, production and use have fascinating stories. This book introduces over forty elements, concentrating on those that feature most frequently in school syllabi.

In this book you will find:

Correction of inaccuracies, mistakes and myths

Present use of the elements and their...


Creative Work for Teenagers (children's workshop)


For all the girls who want to stand out and make themselves original jewelry, T-shirts, make-up bags, broaches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands – simply cool and fun stuff. In a detailed way the book describes, step by step with the help of photos, how to easily create all of the accessories. With some enthusiasm and a little patience every girl can create the coolest accessories in the world – ones she’ll be proud to wear.

- Material and tools



Anatomy of Steam Locomotives


This full-color encyclopedia features a detailed guide to steam locomotives and introduces the reader to their construction, their components, their repairs and their maintenance, the history of steam engines, and interesting facts about their use. The book also includes fascinating details on special types of steam locomotives, as well as original color photographs from the very beginning of the railway history.

Hynek Palát, 210 x 285 mm, 160 pp, hard cover. Original title:...


Preschool Picture-PuzzlesMental and Motor Skills Fun: Monkeying Around with Felix


Drawing, puzzles, and exercises for pre-schoolers. This book arose from the educational guidelines recommended for children entering elementary school. With the help of crayons, the book uses a fun and interactive format to teach children to:

Identify colors

Recognize and draw basic shapes

Solve puzzles and riddles

Pay attention

Count to ten on their fingers

Distinguish between bigger / smaller

Begin to...


Why Fog is Like Milk and Rain is See-Through (popular meteorology)


Basic meteorology in a fun and accessible form for children. Aimed at 8 – 13 year-old readers, this book packs all of its information into an interesting holiday story. Its accessible form makes it easy for children to understand the more technical details of meteorology. The story revolves around brother and sister, Katka and Ondra, and their grandmother, a former meteorologist and scientist. Both of the children are intrigued with various phenomena in the weather, and their impressive...


What’s Shining in the Sky? (popular astronomy)


Author David Koval, creator of the children’s program for the Brno Observatory, wrote this book to answer children’s (and possibly their parents’) astronomical questions: Why does the shape of the moon change? Why do some stars shine brighter than others? What are constellations? What is a meteor? How does Saturn look in a telescope? Where do stars go during the day? Follow brothers Martin and Lukáš as they learn fact after fact about the stars above and undergo a night-time adventure. more...


The ABCs of JOBs


Do you know, kids, all the different types of jobs there are out there? All the things people can do? Would you like to know the treats a baker can make, what tools a firefighter uses, what a carpenter can build? Let’s explore the world of work together.

František Zacharník, illustrations Petra Řezníčková, 148 x 210 mm, 48 pp, hard cover. Age 5+

Original title: Abeceda povolání, CPress 2013


Playful Bobbin Lace Making (traditional crafts)


Bobbin Lace Making as an enjoyable play of techniques, materials and fantasy. The author starts with the basis and simple forms but shows also more complicated techniques, including colourful 3D laces and motivates the reader to use his own creativity.

Target group: beginners, intermediate

Lenka Malátová as dedicated more than 20 years to lace-making. She graduated from the Educative Institute of Artistic Production (ŠÚUV) in Prague. Then she worked in Otýlie Borská’s...


Preschooler’s Textbook


Textbookprepares children to start the school. Different exercises help the child tomaster the basics for writing, drawing and counting, focusing also on followingthemes: Seasons of the Year, Animals, Behavior, Graphomotorics, Shapes, Visualperception, Concentration, Natural numbers, Dimensions, Space, Logical thinking,Auditory perception or Speech.

IvanaNovotná, illustrations Miroslav Růžek, 210 x 297 mm, paperback, 48pages. Target age: 4-7 years.


Crayons Learn Drawing (graphomotoric I, age 2,5 - 4)


Grapho-motoric exercises for children between 2,5 and 4 years which will develop smooth motoric and psychological functions necessary for drawing and writing, grapho-motoric skills and children’s drawing, coordination of hand and eye, perception of space and connections with the direction of leading an outline. The book contains a system of exercises tailored to the progression of development of graphomotoric abilities, accompanied by methodology instructions for parents and teachers. The...


Sky Stories


People have always dreamed of flying. Flying through the sky like a bird, watching the world below. It took more than a few failures and painful attempts before we succeeded. Here you can read about Louis Blériot flying over the English Channel, or about the first man on the Moon.

Jiří Kahoun, illustrations Petr Morkes, 163 x 238 mm, 72 pp, hard cover. Original title: O létajících strojích, Albatros 2013


Counting for Fun


Kids can practice basic arithmetic with these exercises that are presented as games, puzzles, fill-in-the-blanks, riddles, mazes, drawings, pictures, and Sudoku. The book includes a variety of games that will train children’s memories, observational and mathematical abilities, and their logical thinking. The book makes an excellent addition to what children learn in kindergarten and first grade; it makes great practice for over the holidays.

Martin Vlach 297 x 220 mm, 64 pp,...


Physics in Your Yard: 100 Fun Experiments For Everyone


This book provides instructions for one hundred simple, yet fun, science experiments that everybody can perform in their yard or in a park. Our experiments utilize water, light, heat, air, plants, and even animals. What’s more, the laboratory instruments that these experiments require are incredibly easy to find—plastic bottles, corks, skewers,  glasses, candles, oil, ink, and other such things.

This publication shows that what you learn in a physics class isn’t just practical,...


Kids Treats from Healthy Eats (cooking)


This fun cookbook for kids includes plenty of recipes for delicious fruit and vegetable treats, perfect for parties and snacks. Children can make these irresistible delights by themselves, following detailed step-by-step photo-instructions. Teach your child to eat vegetables without a fuss. As a bonus, children learn the basics of food preparation, potential dangers, and even proper dining etiquette.

Pavla Šmikmátorová, Libor Drobný, Lukáš Němeček. 243 x 170 mm, 64 pp, hard...


Recipes for Little Chefs (cooking, children)


This cookery book is full of colour photographs, humorous illustrations and thrilling comics and is dedicated to all children who are interested in cooking and would like to prepare their friends, parents or grandparents interesting dishes. Before they begin tackling more traditional meals our book helps them prepare less difficult meals which are original, playful and primarily tasty. The making of these popular meals will definitely surprise you. Have you ever eaten a garnished bread roll...




Payfulcounting with a cheerful clown Matthew. The publication contains funny exercisesfor children to practice and remember basic multiplication.

IvanaKnetlová, 210 x 297 mm, 48 pages, paperback. Target age 7 - 9 years. Original title: Násobilka, veselépočítání s klaunem Matějem.


Finger Counting (2+)


With the new boardbook the littlest children learns easily counting from one to ten. Czech title: Počítáme s prstíky | 150 x 150 mm, 12 pp, board book, Albatros 2013

In the same series: Recognizing Colors, Recognizing Shapes, Finger Counting


Recognizing Shapes (2+)


In a creative and engaging manner that connects objects from every day life with basic shapes, this fold-out book teaches the littlest children to recognize shapes. The final two pages of the book offer children the opportunity to practice what they have learned.

Czech title: Poznáváme tvary | 150 x 150 mm, 12 pp, board book, Albatros 2012

In the same series: Recognizing Colors, Recognizing Shapes, Finger Counting


Recognizing Colors (2+)


What color are blueberries, a chocolate cake or even your winter cap? Using adorable yet realistic pictures of toys, clothing, fruit and other everyday items, this fold-out book helps the littlest children correctly recognize and identify basic colors.

Czech title: Poznáváme barvy | 150 x 150 mm, 12 pp, board book, Albatros 2012. In the same series: Recognizing Colors, Recognizing Shapes, Finger Counting


Methods of Graphomotoric Development (graphomotoric)


This book together with the worksheets Between Us, Crayons, Crayons Chatting and Crayons at studio forms a complete unit. It adds and compiles information about the development of graphomotorics, children’s paintings, possibilities and support in this field. The book will be very useful for teachers in kindergartens and in elementary schools, specialized pedagogues and parents. The author cover in detail the diagnostic of graphomotoric level, graphomotoric problems, drawing analysis of...


Mature for Schooling - What skills should a child have before starting school (methodology)


This publication by a successful pair of authors is intended for parents and teachers who look for information on long-term motivation of children who prepare for schooling. The book provides basic information on what a child aged five to six should know and master. It will also draw your attention to some developmental problems.
A successful team of two authors and an illustrator
The subject matter is presented to parents in a comprehensible way
A lot of material needed to...


The Diagnostics of a Child at Preschool Age (methodology)


Thepublication “The Diagnostics of a Child at Preschool Age” is focused onmonitoring and developing the following fields: - Motoric, grapho-motoric -Visual sense - Auditory sense - Time perception - Perception of basicmathematical ideas - Thinking and speaking - Social skills - Independency -Games The publication “The Diagnostics of a Child at Preschool Age” is orientedto the population of preschool aged children. The readers will mainly be theparents – they are the first teachers with...


Between Us, Crayons (writing skills, age 3-5)


The first part of the series developing graphomotor skills was written for children of 5 to 7 years of age. However, if you have a pre-school child or pupil in the first year of elementary school at home who has problems with drawing and writing or if he or she doesn’t enjoy it, you can try this book. Thus even less skillful children can avoid disappointment from being unsuccessful in writing, and they can create a good relationship with the school and education in general.


Crayons Chatting (writing skills III, age 4-6)


This part, as the author says, is suitable for children from 4 to 6 years of age. In the author’s letter on 60 you will learn everything you need to know about children’s drawing and writing, how these skills develop, how to support a child and how to help the unmotivated child. If we want to use this book with our children, we should read the letter first. Every exercise is accompanied by instructions in a small frame for adults.

Jiřina Bednářová, paperback, 210 x 297 mm, 64...


Crayons at Studio (writing skills IV, age 5-7)


This book is a continuation of previous books from the series developing graphomotoric skills - Between Us, Crayons and Crayons Chatting. Now the author prepares graphomotoric exercises for pre-school children and beginning pupils between 5 and 7 years of age and their adult friends.

Jiřina Bednářová, paperback, 210 x 297 mm, 64 pages, 16 full color illustrations

Writing skills:

All four books deal with the methodology of graphomotoric development, i.e....


Development of Visual Perception


This series contains exercises for children introduced by Mole Barbora which help developing the perception and recognition of colors, the orientation in space (objects in the front / background), the perception of details, horizontal eye movement from left to right and the visual memory.
It also contains instructions for adults, which explains methodology of each exercise.

Jiřina Bednářová, 210 x 297 mm, 64 pp, paperbacks

Three titles in the series:
How the...


Exercises with Crayons


The textbook contains different exercises developing pre-schoolers abilities important for drawing and writing. The tasks also practice children’s perception, orientation, memory and other skills. Children are motivated by playful cartoon characters, who explain the instructions in simple nursery rhymes.

210 x 297 mm, 64 pp, paperback, age 4-7. Věra Ovečková. Original title: Grafomotorická cvičení


General Preschool Development


The publications for children of preschool age contain exercises important for the future learning of reading, writing, counting and develop also graphomotoric skills, perception of sound or perception of the space, time and basic mathematical terms.
Each page contains a motivation story for children and explanation for parents and teachers, who will find all information how to use this book and how prepare his/her child well for school.

Jiřina Bednářová, 210 x 297 mm, 72...


Orientation in Space and Time


Two publications develop the perception of time and space and prevent the difficulties in reading, writing, math and other, originating in insufficient understanding of time sequences. 
In the exercises, children match the activities with time sequences, understand the causes and consequences, the beginning and the end.
Each page contain motivation story for children and instructions from parents and teacher, explaining each exercise. Parents will find also important information...


I am Writing with the Notebook Resting on My Knees


"The Czech Anne Frank". From 1940 - 1946 Hana Bořkovcová, who would later become a renowed author, kept a comprehensive diary of the time - starting with the first anti-Jewish measures under Nazi occupation, up through her time in the camps, the liberation, and the return to "ordinary" post-war life. It's deeply moving to follow a naïve girl's transformation into a scarred woman who lost her father, brother, health and hope in the concentration camps.

author: Hana Bořkovcová, 130...


3D World (playful science)


The publication explains to the reader the terms related to our three-dimensional perception of the world and shows the different techniques of the projection of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions.

The first chapters bring in a simple, funny and well understandable way the main facts about the light, optics, lenses and visual projection. Following the short instructions “TRY IT TOO” the reader can make its own simple experiments with the light and reflection and...


The Silk (art inspiration)


The book presents the silk material and available requisites, shows how to organize the working places and step-by-step explains different techniques. 17 projects (scarf, pillow, bag, mobile case, bracelet and other).

Target group: beginners, intermediate

Petra Prokůpková, 170 x 243 mm, 80 pp, paperback. CPress 2012. Original title Hrátky s hedvábím


Prague Mother of the Cities


Contemporary Prague lives beside Prague which remembers hundreds of years. Prague tells us the stories of old houses, proud cathedrals and old legends. The book shows Prague Castle, Old Town, Lesser Town, New Town, Jewish quarter and Vyšehrad. The reader learns how lived former citizens and laugh when reading the legend  about the baker driving the barrel… The publication brings complex view on historical Prague in amusing and comprehensible form. It contains also the summary of Czech...


What Travel Guides Don’t Say about Prague


There are thousands of books about Prague. This publication brings interesting facts that are not mentioned usually. The author doesn’t overload the reader with long lists of the years or names of the kings and governors, but points out interesting contexts, so the reader can easily remember the significance of the historical events, streets, persons or buildings…

Do you know…

… that Prague wasn’t always one city?

… which are the three main squares in...


Nuclear Weapons (history, military)


The mere existence of nuclear weapons has significantly altered the world we live in. Without these inventions, modern civilization would look drastically different. For decades the threat of worldwide nuclear conflict worked to maintain a fragile balance between the East and West, Dictatorship and Democracy. This book explores the history and development of these weapons, examines the sites of nuclear explosions, and explains the scientific principles behind atomic and hydrogen bombs....


Tanks (history, military)


Tanks first entered combat in 1916 during the First World War. In the following decades the relevance of this new means of warfare grew constantly; in the course of the Second World War, the armored vehicles, equipped with caterpillar tracks and armed with machine guns and cannons, became the most important weapon on land.
This book details the development of tanks over the last ninety years, not only from the point of view of construction, but also in broader contexts. The capabilities...


Famous Firearms, Artillery and Missilery (history, military)


This book traces the evolution of firearms, artillery, and military rockets from their earliest use to the beginning of the 21st century. It contains a vast amount of descriptive color photographs that help explain the principles behind the way these weapons function. This handy volume introduces readers to the workings of rifles, revolvers, automatic pistols, repeaters, machine guns, cannons, howitzers, mortars, anti-tank weaponry, and military rocketry of all types. Additionally, it...


Playful Mathematics (playful science)


Mathematical Attractions for Inquisitive Children.
This publication popularises mathematics and is dedicated mainly to the younger persons of 2nd degree primary school and students of multi-annual gymnasiums who are interested in it. The author suitably chose interesting “teasers” which were already solved both by the mathematicians in ancient Greece and mathematicians of later periods and attractively explains them to children (e.g. Pascal´s triangle, golden cut). The book is completed...


Václav Havel (museum in a book)


Václav Havel (1936 –2011): writer and dramatist; dissident, leading figure of the Czech Velvet Revolution of 1989; last president of Czechoslovakia; first president of the Czech Republic, Nobel Peace Prize nominee….

In cooperation with awarded Czech non-fiction author František Emmert we are preparing a special publication giving the testimony to Havel’s life and work. As a museum in a book, the publication will contain: In 30 chapters the reader learns all important facts about...


The Holocaust (museum in a book)


The mass murder of six million European Jews in Nazi concentration camps, known as the Holocaust, remains the only historical event which is incomparable to any other political crime in history. Nazis killed because of their racist hate of all European Jews without exception, including the youngest children. None of the involved could change their destiny. None could survive. This book gives a testimony to this crime.

The book documents all the important events and themes of the...


Unknown Pleasures (rock music)


The death of rock music has been consistently predicted for thirty – five years, yet it still hasn’t happened. The author publishes extensive accounts of rock music’s development worldwide. The book also includes tons of beautiful photographs. Unique testimonies on the evolution of rock.

“The impulse to write this came from a member of staff at the largest music bookstore in London. When I asked where I could find a book like this, he frowned and said, ‘You’d have to write it...


Big Beat


A history of Czechoslovak big beat and rock music from 1956 – 1989. Beside a fascinating story the book contains dozens unique photos of music bands and musicians which could not be published in that period.

2 cd

Vojtěch Lindaur, Ondřej Konrád, 163 x 238 mm, 304 pages. Original title: Bigbít


Paper Baskets (traditional crafts)


You can use even the plainest newspaper to create beautiful baskets, Christmas platters, or pretty decorations. This book guides you through the basic techniques of basket weaving and similar projects. It offers a range of ideas that can inspire your own creations. It teaches everything beginners need to know, from preparing materials to different weaving techniques. Readers can easily follow the instructions, since each one is illustrated with a photograph.

Hana Čápová, 210 x...


Original Wreaths and Natural Decorations (crafts)


The first title from our new series “Imagination Workshop” will delight everyone who is looking for inspiration, enjoys creating, and seeks something original to make their home more beautiful.

Making wreaths and natural decorations opens up a limitless supply of possibilities. No matter what you make them from, they will always become a beautiful decoration – you never have to worry about combining unusual materials and there are no limits. A wreath from a phone book or corks?...


Bobbin Lace-making (traditional crafts)


Bobbin Lace-making 1
The book introduces a bobbin lace. The introductory chapter is about the history, tools and materials with a description of the basic tool – the cushion pad. Readers learn about preparatory work, about the basic lace-making technique and how to start and finish the lace. The book is not only for beginners but also for experienced lace-makers – for them the author prepared many inspiring tips.

Bobbin Lace-making 2 (Corners, Holes, Leaves)
This is...


Patchwork (traditional crafts)


The basic principle of this ancient technique depends on folding and seaming multicolored parts of cloth into a sheet, which is reminiscent of a mosaic. The readers will learn about history, materials and preparation and they will enrich their knowledge of various types of patchwork. The book contains a number of easy-to-follow patterns and instructions for making beautiful quilts, pillows, bags and table mats.

Author: Iva Prošková, Renata Bažantová
F 275x210 mm,...


Machine-sewn Patchwork (traditional crafts)


Machine-sewn patchwork projects are selected in such a way that you could learn as many new techniques as possible. It is totally up to you whether you create your product exactly following the instructions or use the particular procedure to develop your own design.

best-seller shortly after its publication
colour photographs
step-by-step procedures

Renata Bažantová, 210 x 297 mm, hardcover, 775 full color illustrations

The series Traditional...


Basket-making (traditional crafts)


Basket products are used in nearly every household, both as decorative and practical objects. Since it is not very demanding as far as the preparation of materials is concerned, basket-making is a very popular form of entertainment for many people. The author presents basic basket-making techniques and she also offers many inspirational ideas presented with colored photographs of her own products. Readers will learn everything they need to know, from materials preparation to different kind...


Weaving (traditional crafts)


The book talks about possibly the oldest textile craft-hand weaving. The readers will learn about the history, materials suitable for weaving, necessary tools and basic weaving terminology. Parts of the loom and weaving techniques will be introduced. The author also presents weaving on a simple frame for those who are not interested in weaving on the loom. In the practical part there are detailed instructions with drawings and photographs for making a large number of original accessories for...


Graphic Techniques (traditional crafts)


An experienced teacher of graphics introduces traditional graphic techniques. Readers will learn all about paper, its treatment, colors and printing. They will learn typographic printing – linear linocut, combined linocut and blind stamping. They will also learn intaglio printing –linear dry-point, mezzotint, combined technique, engraving, and also different types of etching.

Author: Zbyněk Malý
225x167 mm, Full-colored, Page count: 64, Picture count: 200
Cover: Hard more...


Netting (traditional crafts)


Netting is a unique publication that presents many interesting and practical pieces of information about this traditional textile craft. It presents a detailed historical survey of netting. It contains 160 photographs from museums collections. The book is also a practical guide for readers‘own work. It will present instruments and tools to them. They will learn to make a basic knot, to make shapes and patterns in nets, they will try different kinds of netting and learn to improve their...


Beading (art techniques)


The popularity of beading is still increasing. This book shows basic techniques and explains also advance methods, such as mosaic or netting. Step-by-step instructions how to create your own bracelet, earrings, ring, bag, collar, hair clip and another interesting projects

Target group: beginners.

Eva Vozková, 167 x 225 mm, 96 pp, hard cover. Original title: Tvoříme z korálků


Playing with Glass (art techniques)


The publication combines the three techniques: glass fusing, mosaic and tiffany glassmaking. The project part of the book shows beside the methods for beginners (baking glass in the microwave, simple mosaic in the frame,...) also more complicated technologies.

Target group: beginners, intermediate

Markéta Lukáčová, 167 x 225 mm, 112 pp, hard cover. Original title: Hrátky se sklem

Tiffany Glassmaking

Tiffany Glassmaking - advanced techniques more...


Basket Making Using Flat Materials (art techniques)


This book describes basket-making techniques that use flat materials - split willow rods, pedig cables and bands, even paper. Two basic weaves (tabby weave and oblique tabby weave) can be used to create an incredible variety of basket
shapes. Decorative weaves, various ending types and additional decorative elements are also described in this book. It follows on from our book about basket-making and enriches your skills with other techniques.

Author: Gabriela Marková more...


Irish Lace (art techniques)


Irish Lace is a specific type of crocheted lace created by interconnecting floral motives. The book is for those who would like to learn a new way of lacing. With photographs and illustrated instructions it is suitable for everyone including those who have no experience in lacing whatsoever.

Zuzana Arsenjevová, 167 x 255 mm, 112 pp, hard cover
Another titles in the series Art Techniques:

The Big book of Artistic Inspiration | Indian Patchwork Molas | Toying with...


Felt Art (art techniques)


Felting is an extraordinary technique becoming more and more popular lately. With advice and instructions from the course instructors you will learn how to prepare the material and process it in various ways including wet felting using mat and forms, needle felting and dry felting. The book contains 20 projects with photographs which will help you create your own jewellery, slippers, pillow etc.

Gabriela Tomcová, Lucie Jankůj, 167 x 225 mm, 96 pp, hardcover
Another titles in...


100 and One Ideas for an Original T-shirt (art techniques)


For those who like unique clothing, the author of this publication offers more than one-hundred ideas for creating original t-shirts through various techniques like textile bleaching, working with colours for silk and textile, decal transfers, painting, screen-printing, textile applications, nibbling, various kinds of batik dying with wax, use of removable and solar colours for textiles. At the end of the book are complete templates, which you can use to start creating. You can also develop...


Enameled Jewelry, Ornaments and Decorations (art techniques)


Introduce yourself to enameling technique and make yourself beautiful jewelry, hair-slides, breastpins, buttons or an original number for your house or door! Do you like enamel cups, earrings or other jewelry? Did you think that such original products are impossible to make at home? The author of this book reveals methods on how to enamel various oddments in a normal electric kitchen oven or cooker, and for those who are more equipped there are projects prepared for burning in an enamel...


Indian Patchwork Molas (art techniques)


If you are fond of patchwork and want to try other textile arts techniques, which are similar but may be less known, this book is the right choice for you. You will get acquainted with a specific kind of traditional Indian textile application called “mola”, where pieces of one-coloured fabrics are layered, sewn on and subsequently cut through. This procedure leads to original multicoloured textile patterns with geometric, floral or figural motifs, which can be used to adorn any part of...


The Big Book of Artistic Inspiration (art techniques)


This book is forthose who love to create and are always looking for new inspiration. Eachartistic field has its own chapter with a description of the appropriatematerials and tools; each chapter ends with instructions for creating threedifferent projects. The colorful photographs will make it easy for you to bakegingerbread, make enamel, work with wires and natural material, decorate withCDs, learn twist art and window art, and make your own candle holders.

Team of authors, 210 x...


Tiffany Glassmaking - Advanced techniques (art techniques)


Would you like to get even better at making vitrages? The author, an experienced instructor running Tiffany technique courses, will not only guide you through the steps involved in creating simple flat shapes (jewels, brooches, hanging decorations etc.) but will also show you how to make more complex three-dimensional objects (cases, boxes, candle-holders etc.), how to embed 3-D objects into vitrages and also how to combine a traditional Tiffany vitrage with ceramics.



Silk Painting (art techniques)


Painting on silk has become a very popular artistic technique. The author introduces its brief history, explain differences in materials and their use, and lists the necessary tools. She describes traditional painting techniques as well as the latest trends in colors. In more than twenty projects illustrated by photographs, you’ll learn to paint ties, an umbrella, blouses, scarves and many other beautiful products.

Markéta Lukáčová, 167 x 225 mm, 124 pp, hard cover



Tiffany Glassmaking (art techniques)


The book was written by two experienced teachers who run vitrage courses. The Tiffany technique is a modern method for making vitrages and you can use it for jewelry making, for painting pictures in the windows, little lamps and 3D objects. The book presents a number of projects, from simple ones for beginners to more complicated ones for those with more experience. It presents tools, materials, it also gives safety instructions for working with glass. The authors offer a range of topics,...


Candles (art techniques)


This practical book presents the beautiful art of candle making decoration. The author describes several interesting ideas – casting candles into various forms, making gel and floating candles, making candles from beeswax etc. You will learn how to decorate candles with napkins, wax plates and how to make forms for candle casting. All the projects are accompanied by detailed description and by many nice photographs.

Monika Brýdová, 167 x 225 mm, 96pp, hard cover



Playing with Polymer Clay (art techniques)


A guide to the creative world of polymer clay (FIMO). In this book you will find tons of new ideas and inspiration; the experienced author even teaches you how to make rolling pin designs. The carefully selected projects are as simple as they are impressive – for both beginners and experts. Beautiful photography further aids the easy – to – follow instructions.

Monika Brýdová, 167 x 225 mm, 104 pp, hard cover

Other titles from the series about polymer clay:


Paper Decoration (art techniques)


In this book readers will find many ideas for decorating paper with classic graphic techniques. In the introduction there is a historical survey of paper production, its methods and how it is handled. Readers will work on many projects that all result in interesting and beautiful products and they will learn techniques e.g. frottage, printing with natural materials, blind lettering, reservage with hot and cold wax, mottling,
serigraph, pattern printing or dyeing with natural dyes. The...


Flower Arrangements (art techniques)


The book Flower Arrangements, written by a young and talented florist, is recommended for everybody who would like to learn something about original floristry. In the introduction the author presents materials and tools needed for this craft. The book is divided according to the seasons of the year and holidays with interesting flower arrangements appropriate for the particular time: St. Valentine‘
s day, Spring and Easter, Summer, Autumn, Advent and Christmas. Altogether 25 arrangement...


Tatting Laces (art techniques)


The book is for all those who are interested in this old and sometimes forgotten craft. The first part of the book concentrates on the history of tatting and of lace-making in general. The second and longer part is thoroughly practical and it will lead the reader through the whole technique of lace-making including various patterns. Thanks to photos and illustrated methods it is suitable for all those who would like to begin with this technique. It will also be appreciated by those who are...


Kumihimo Braiding (art techniques)


Kumihimo is a Japanese technique of braid and band making. It is very popular in Japan and recently it has also become popular in Europe. Braids were traditionally made of silk, but it is also possible to use other materials - viscose, cotton, wool or even wires. In recent years this technique has also become popular in other parts of the world, especially for its use in textile bijouterie.

Author: Gabriela Marková
Height and width in mm: 225x167, Number of colors:...


Hand-Made Paper (art techniques)


This book about hand-made paper will guide the reader through the process of its production from the beginning to its use for further purposes. After reading this book you will be able to make a seive for paper drainage, you will learn to use natural materials for paper production, to dyepaper with synthetic and natural dyes or to make color patterns with moulds. You will gradually learn to make two layer paper, to paint and various techniques of hand-made paper decoration.


Caligraphy, the Beauty of Handwriting (art techniques)


The book has been written for those who want to learn this ancient art. First, there is
a brief history of caligraphy, then the readers will learn about basic tools and terminology.
They will learn the following types of letters - Foundational, Roman Capitals, Italic, Gothicized, Italic, Blackletters, Uncial and Copperplate Script. The readers will be given valuable advice on text layout and they will practise everything on several detailed projects. In the end there is a list of...


Textile Decorating (art techniques)


Discover various styles in textile decorating. First you will learn what to paint on and what to paint with and what materials and what tools you have to get. Then the author will guide you through various kinds of decorating in projects accompanied by instructions with photos. You will learn poured, print and wax batik techniques working with paint on textile, e.g. brush painting, stencils, print, spray, frontage, monoprint and a lot of other techniques, including combined ones.


Original Jewels from Your Workshop (art techniques)


An experienced teacher will help the readers make their own jewelry: every piece is
an original. Gold and silver will be left for professionals and natural materials will be
used instead: stones, seashells, nascre, wood and leather. The readers will learn to decorate stones with wiring and combine them with copper or wood. They will cut a bodkin from wood, weave a circular cord of strands and make trinkets from wire. Everything is documented with color photographs.


Bags and Purses (art inspiration)


If you are into bags and purses this is the book for you. The course instructor and author of two succesful books offers 21 designs for you to create bags of various shapes and styles for every occasion, even if you are less experienced in working with sewing. You’ll be using both common and less often used materials to create unique beach and shopping bags, handbags to wear to work and to the theatre, purses and a mobile phone case. Every project contains step-by-step instructions...


Traditional and Non-Traditional Wire Lace-Making (art inspiration)


Traditional and Non-Traditional Wire Lace-Making
After the very successful book by the same author, providing you with wire lace inspiration to last you the whole year, you get this publication which is just full of new ideas. Besides “traditional” wire lace-making, you can this time try art techniques originally devised for other materials, such as “krosienka”-weaving or basket-making.

24 concrete ideas and a few extra bonuses
Guided by the experienced author and...


Bead Jewels (art inspiration)


Choose the right beads and other stringing supplies and fling yourself into the manufacturing of distinctive and elegant jewels. The experienced author and instructor will familiarise you with a plethora of stringing methods, a variety of jewel types from rings to necklaces. Moreover, she will give you advice on where to look for the materials you need. Thanks to the photos, which illustrate the procedures step by step, you will find it easy to add some beautiful new pieces to your...


Toying with Rattan Fibre (art inspiration)


First you will learn new “letters” of the basket-making alphabet – round lid knitting, the detailed composition of strips, rims and patterns, and tricks with outlines of chain randings, making the handle of a demijohn and a bottle and cross and column weaves. You will also learn how to paint and maintain the products. In the end, following various projects you can try to make for example decorative balls and Easter eggs, skep in the form of a hen, cradle or chandelier.



New Christmas Ideas (art inspiration)


Christmas is time of peace, ease and festivity. You can create a proper atmosphere by trying to make your own original decorations. In this book you will find various techniques and ideas concerning Christmas accessories, presents for your family and friends. The instructions are accompanied by photos, so everybody can make them.
Pavla Šmikmátorová, Kateřina Geislerová, 170 x 243 mm, paperback

The series Art inspiration contains following titles:

Bags and...


The Magical Tools Workshop (children's workshop)


This guide to magic is a textbook for everyone who wants to practice magic. In this publication for both groups and individuals, children can learn about types of herbs, their magical names, and their use in sorcery. Children can make magical tools such as amulets for luck, and they will even learn a mystical alphabet of secret symbols. Two little wizards, Jonášek and Klárka , who are also trying to learn “witchcraft,”  serve as guides for  the readers. Individual spells and acts are...


Ceramics for Younger and Older Artists (children's workshop)


Ceramics is perfect activity for giving children hands-on experience with art and the chance to make something beautiful and useful. Sometimes children need today that “no TV” doesn’t necessarily mean “nothing to do”. With this book, parents can let colorful cook Aya and her “helper figures” introduce their kids to the joys of sinking their fingers into clay. They’ll develop their artistic skills at the same time they learn an object lesson – that what looks hard in the beginning might turn...


Inventive Art Ideas for Children and Their Parents (children's workshop)


Cheerful decorations, animals, fairy-tale characters and toys
If you like creating various objects with your kids using readily available and cheap material, this is just the book for you. You’ll find that, even with completely ordinary material you would probably throw away otherwise, you and your children can create inventive decorations for their bedroom: cute animals, charming fairy-tale characters and attractive toys. What is more, you’ll learn some new unusual...


Twist Art for Children (children’s workshop)


This book presents a new plastic materials – twisted cords – and ways of their artistic use. You will learn how to create easily a variety of paper toys and gifts, trolls, funny animals or flower decorations. Iva Hoňková, 96 pp, 210 x 297 mm

Other titles from the series:
Ceramics for Younger and Older Artists 1
Ceramics for Younger and Older Artists 2
Ceramics for Younger and Older Artists 3
Clay making
Twist Art for Children


Origami (children's workshop)


It just needs a few ideas, a little skill with your hands, a few inexpensive tools and
you can start. Old newspaper will change in front of you into a beautiful vase, grey
stone into colored glass, a lump of clay into a nice gift for your father, mother or a friend. How do you do it? This question will be answered in our new series, Children‘s workshop. We will explain everything to you with the help of photographs, illustrations and text, which everyone can understand. With the...


The Big Book of Art Ideas for Children (children’s workshop)


This summary volume contains a collection of the 40 most interesting products from the book series “Children’s Little Workshop”. The projects are subdivided into ten chapters, each of them dedicated to one of the widely accessible art materials – horsehair beading wire, beads, paper, pedig, glass, textiles, wool, wax and natural or waste materials.
Detailed step-by-step procedures - Explanatory colour photographs - 40 products to make using 10 different art materials
Target group:...


52 Ideas for Kids for Every Week of the Year (children’s little workshop)


This summary volume contains a collectionof the fifty-two most interesting products from the book series “Children’sLittle Workshop”. Individual projects are divided into four main chapterscorresponding to the four seasons, with one project dedicated to each week ofthe year, thematically corresponding to the particular period. With this book,you can be confident that you won’t run out of ideas all year long, from springto winter. Moreover, the products suggested are supposed to be created...


Air-Dry Clay for Children (children's workshop)


You can easily replace traditional ceramic clay with material that is inexpensive and readily available in every craft store – self – hardening clay, which is available in two colors: terra cotta and white. Not only is this type of clay simple to mold, shape and cut, it is also easy to paint and glaze. With these basic instructions and the included patterns, children can easily create presents and objects – both decorative and practical – on their own.

Iva Hoňková, 210 x 297 mm,...


Felt Art for Children (children’s little workshop)


This book will inspire you to use the felting needle, mat or soap to create a cute animal, unique figure, decorative picture or a practical case. The book contains 17 interesting ideas for felting throughout the year, with instructions and colour photographs.
Offering a broad scale of possibilities of felting from natural and coloured wool, the book is for all creative children who like to make their own toys, decorations and presents, but it will definitely please their parents and...


Creating out of Hairy Wires (children’s little workshop)


Wire is fine material for making beautifulfigures of animals as well as many other things. You only need a special wireavailable in all art and craft shops. Animals, flowers, figures and many othergreat items – children can create all of these with use of hairy wires. Eachmodel is supplemented with a detailed procedure described in photographs andillustrations. All models in the book have been chosen with regard to easymanageability. Every child who desires so can create a toy for himself or...


Products from Textile (children’s little workshop)


Just a few strips of cloth and fantasy andyou can create a nice toy, fashionable accessory or various decorations andpresents in just a moment. Our book, which is full of amazing ideas, will showthat it is not difficult at all. The joy gained from creating a beautifulproduct is a nice reward for your child’s effort.

Zdeňka Sitarčíková, 170 x243 mm, 64 pp, hard cover

Series Children's Little Workshop: Felt Art for Children, Gifts from Rattan Cane, Magic...


Land-Art for Children (children’s little workshop)


This interesting book contains ideas inspired by land-art, i.e. the branch of art in which natural materials are used. To create various objects described in the book you will need natural materials (twigs, stones, leaves, bark etc.). The objects are always connected to a particular season: in autumn you can make an original leafy self-portrait, a colorful carpet or an autumn bouquet, in winter a fairy-tale tree, a merry hedgehog, a nice ghost or a forest wizard. There are easy-to-follow...


Pop-Art for Children (children’s little workshop)


This book presents ideas inspired bypop-art, i.e. branch of art in which waste materials are used. To createvarious objects described in the book you will need waste and leftovermaterials, easily accessible and financially acceptable (boxes, strips of cloth,egg boxes, colored plastic caps, old newspapers etc.). The objects are alwaysconnected with a particular season: in winter you can make a Christmas tree, inautumn a fairy-tale bug, in summer a musical instrument or a fish, in spring...


Gifts from Rattan Cane (children's little workshop)


With the help of this book you can acquire the basket-making craft. You will learn the basis of the technique and colored photographs and detailed instructions explain how to create simple toys and gifts for your friends.

Authors: Blanka Svobodová, Lucie Ulíková, Zdenka Charvátová | 170 x 243 mm, hard cover, 48 pp

Series Children's Little Workshop: 
Felt Art for Children, Gifts from Rattan Cane, Magic Lights, Puppets, Ideas for Chilren for every Month of the Year,...


Ideas for Children for Every Month of the Year (children’s little workshop)


Interesting ideas supplemented with a detailed production manual for younger school children. Get inspired and every month make yourself every a joyful toy, original gift or creative decoration for children´s room from paper, textile, clay or from natural or recycled material. In this book you can find 16 interesting ideas together with a detailed production manual and colour pictures. For every month of the year we have prepare one project and attached bonus ideas for every year season. The...


Christmas decorations (children’s little workshop)


Detailed step-by-step instructions and explanatory color photographs present various ideas to create original Christmas decorations.
Blanka Svobodová, Lucie Uhlíková, 170 x 243 mm, 48 pp, hard cover. Age 6+

Series Children's Little Workshop: 
Felt Art for Children, Gifts from Rattan Cane, Magic Lights, Puppets, Ideas for Chilren for every Month of the Year, 52 ideas for Kids for every Week of the Year, Christmas decorations, Pop-Art for Kids, Land-Art for Kids, Products...


Creative Plays for Smart Hands (children's workshop)


Michael Lindner, Inka Faustová | 195x255 mm, 96 pp

The book full of different art ideas has been created for children from 2 to 6 years. Simple instructions explain how to easily create imaginative works and encourage children to be creative.


Beauty Photography (digital photo)


Have you been captured with stylized pictures of divinely pretty models and would you like to know how such shots are taken? Or vice versa, do you think that photographs classified as beauty ones are all the same, having no idea and being subject to the customer’s commercial requirements? Take the advice how to approach this genre in a characteristic way and finally, you might be surprised where an eye of a talented photographer can find the beauty and what form it might have when being...


Photo-graphics in Photoshop: Scandalous Work with Photographs (digital photo)


Do you think how to modify your photographs unusually; would you like to try to create an interesting collage, fanciful pictures or to change appearance of your dearest out of all recognition? Learn how to use all the Photoshop tools and see step by step how an experienced graphic artist work so that you could give free rein to your imagination and start to make your own funny and shocking photo-graphics.

In each procedure, the author will show you that you can conjure up a...


Advertising and Product Photography (digital photo)


Do you want to know how are taken the pictures which the clients finally choose as parts of their advertising campaigns or corporate identity? Would you like to start with product photographs, or do you just search for a new approach, technique and inspiration for further work? A professional photographer and teacher chose several tens of his realized projects to describe the entire process of making the photographs.

Become inspired and make yourself familiarized with unusual...


Photographing Children (digital photography)


Childhood is one of the most beautiful times of a human’s life. Thanks to your camera, you have a unique opportunity to capture the most beautiful moments and keep them for the future. To ensure that the pictures of your children and family life are interesting to others and that you will enjoy looking at them for many years to come, it is necessary to do something more than only pressing the trigger. An experienced photographer will teach you everything that is necessary in this book – like...


Digital Photography for Women (digital photography)


The sense of beauty and an intuitive world perception has long since been mainly a women’s domain. The camera is now a very simple tool through which you can develop your perception, fully utilise your womanly intuition and additionally acquire an agreeable hobby. The author, an experienced photographer, will teach you to feel self-confident with a camera in your hands and to use it with sovereignty in every situation. She will explain everything from the complete basics together with their...


The Big Book of HDR Photography (digital photography)


The Big Book of HDR Photography will introduce the reader to the techniques of high dynamic range shooting from the very basics. You will learn everything needed from the qualities of light through different methods of creating HDR pictures to the final touches of editing. You will then find it easy to choose one of the procedures discussed to increase the dynamic range in your pictures. You will also learn that without the HDR technique, some seemingly realistic pictures would have never...


The Big Book of Sports Photography (digital photography)


Learn to photograph sports like the professionals. Even you can capture incredible shots of any match or race—just use the techniques and methods our ace photographer will teach you in this book. Find inspiration in a range of excellent photographs, and discover unusual perspectives and your own unique style. Your victory prize will be exceptional shots of all kinds of sporting events.
“Instructional books on photography can either focus on all genres, with the result that particular...


Composition in Digital Photography (digital photography)


Would you like to make each of your pictures stand out among hundreds of others and have the desired effect on the viewer? Try to improve the composition of your photos! In this book, you will acquaint yourself with the classical rules of composition which are derived from the age-old traditions of painting as well as with the modern concept of the photographic image. Using his own photos as examples, the author will show you how different compositions work and how you can give prominence to...


Great Book of Colours (graphics)


A book in which you can find everything about colours what you need every day. Not only graphics meet colours in their everyday practice; typographers, interior designers, artists, photographers, workers in polygraphic industry and many others meet them, too. And all of them need a source of good-quality information on theory of colours and its application.

A clear explanation by an experienced author based on the latest knowledge of physics, medicine and psychology provides you...


333 GIMP Tips and Tricks (graphics)


Have you been captured with the features of free graphic editor GIMP, but you do not have time or do not want to read standard handbooks from A to Z? Do you sometimes need a customized procedure or tip? Would you like to extend your knowledge and work efficiency in GIMP?

The collection of practical stepwise guidelines, clearly arranged depending on the topic and level of difficulty will help you to resolve most of standard situations which may occur in GIMP. Thanks to appropriate...


Autodesk Inventor: Creation of Digital Prototypes (CAD)


New releases of Autodesk Inventor bring important changes in thinking and methods of technical designing. The standard process of „visualize a subject and then create a drawing“ has been substituted with technology that resolves such a pre-production stage using a virtual prototype. The model is not just a source of information to create drawing documents, but also a source for further construction, analytical and technological processing.

The course book written by experienced...


Master 3ds Max (graphics)


complete guide to professional graphics. This book deals with, among other things, the following topics:

• Advanced modeling techniques and commands, use of modifiers • Simulation of all types of daylight and artificial light • Imitation of structures, coarseness, transparency and luster of materials • Natural 3D animation of objects, figures and external environments • Manual plotting, correction and objectification of 2D shapes and textures • Quick navigation in 3D space,...


1001 PHP Tips and Tricks (PHP programming)


Do you create dynamic websites but you can feel that you do not make maximum use of PHP facilities? Do you search for interesting methods to solve a specific problem? This publication provides over a thousand of tips and tricks to be used within various fields of PHP programming. And these are provided without unnecessary theory, quickly, clearly and straight to the goal.

In the plenty of advice and guidelines, the experienced author makes you familiarized with numerous brief and...


OOP (programming)


learning to think and programme object-wise.This book is intended for everybody who wants to penetrate into the secrets of object-oriented programming but is afraid that traditional textbooks and manuals might be over their head. In this publication, the subject matter is presented in the form of a very friendly dialogue between a teacher and a student. This less formal approach makes the book more accessible to the reader who will find it easier to understand the topics discussed.


Penetration Tests and Exploitation (administration)


Along with rapidly increasing number of Internet users also the risk of attack to your Intranet, web applications and wireless networks increases disproportionately. And that is why penetration testing, which would detect the weakness of IT infrastructure preventively, becomes higher and higher priority. Such necessity is followed by the need of having available guidelines, methodology and tests providing efficient testing.

In the book, the author clearly provides overview and...


How to Get the Best from Powershell 2.0 (administration)


a quick source of information for busy administrators. Do you yearn to know a secret part of PowerShell 2.0 and you do not want to spend long hours searching on the Internet? Do you want to learn this script language from an expert and tutor who has gathered together a collection of the most important scripts and methods in this book?

• The unique content of this book excels in its methodological execution: after each sub-chapter you will find a summary of the material covered...


LINUX Kernel (Linux)


Do you want to understand everything hidden under the chassis of Linux? Get inside the Linux kernel and learn all the important information on interface, access options or its internal architecture. Learn to compile the kernel and to program the drivers.

Besides valuable information, the unique publication provides unique advice and guidelines thanks to which you can get to know the Linux kernel in details. The author explains all the important tools intended for work with the...


Command Line in Linux (Linux)


Do you belong among advanced Linux users and do you like discovering new things? Would you like to speed up and automate everyday actions that you do on the computer? Discover the charm of a command line and raise your knowledge to a new level. The book will introduce the command line in an absolutely non-violent form. Examples of everyday practice will teach you how to realize such activities efficiently and even automatically in many cases. The publication includes great number of examples...


PHP Design Patterns (programming)


Do you work with PHP and do you need to make your development more organized? Do you deal with similar types of problems repeatedly? Do you search for possibilities of how to develop more quickly, efficiently and with less effort? Integrate use of design patterns into your practice and be ahead of your competitors thanks to perfect software products.

The experienced author will show you 23 design patterns and he will present you not just their key features, but he will also show...


Design Patterns (programming)


33 sample methods for object programming. Discovery of design patterns started a true revolution in the world of programming. Their concepts provided a method how to make solving of many typical programmers’ problems easier. At the present, knowledge of design patterns becomes an obligatory part of programmer’s qualification. This readable book will introduce the topic to you, and it will also help you increase the efficiency of your work, as it describes 33 key patterns for the most...


1001 Java Language Tips and Tricks (programming)


Have you yielded to the charm of Java language which can be used to program a wide range of platforms? Do you search for interesting procedures to resolve a specific problem? This publication provides over a thousand of solutions in a brand-new edition, the predecessor of which is very popular among the readers.

The great number of tips, advice, guidelines and tricks may inspire beginners, the advanced programmers, as well as professional who program in Java. The tips and tricks...


Windows Kernel (programming)


Do you want to know how operation systems work? Do you need to know the principles for programming the drivers? Do you want to be able to explore internal mechanisms of the kernel independently?

A guideline written by a Czech expert will explain function of the kernel and its algorithms. You will learn all the important information on basic data structures, debugging kernel drivers, processes, threads, efficient management of memory, register and other parts of the kernel, which...


Excel VBA (MS Office)


training course. Do you want to know how to save time using VBA language? Do you need more functions and formulas than Excel offers you for your work? Do you yearn to know some tips and tricks from experts who have been using effective VBA language for several years? Then this unique manual is intended specifically for you!!!

• A great deal of specific examples and solutions to regular problems, which the author has come across himself and which are common frequently asked...


Great Handbook of TCP/IP and DNS System


Do you want to finally have clear knowledge of all the important network protocols? Learn how computers communicate at the lowest level – starting from the physical layer of wires and connectors, routing and finishing with applied protocols and security.

An updated edition of a famous publication. This educational and reference handbook by experts will be appreciated by experienced network administrators, but also by beginners who would like to understand the elementary...


SQL 1001 Tips and Tricks (database)


Does your project use database to store data? Do you need to resolve work with such storage quickly and efficiently? Or do you work with databases only and do you search for a solution how to enter your SQL requests better and more smartly? This book provides over a thousand of tips and tricks explaining how to make maximum use of SQL and databases.

The experienced author, who belongs among top experts in the issue of databases, uses short advice and guidelines to make you...


Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2008 (database)


Reporting, analytical and other data services. If you are a manager, a data analyst, a marketing expert or an expert planning corporate strategy, then you must know that the biggest challenge of these days is understanding business data. The point is that the most valuable information is often hidden deep inside the data and their relations.

In this book, you can learn how to use integration, reporting and analytical services of SQL Server 2008 to analyze corporate data, to...


Encyclopaedia of Cacti and Succulents (nature)


This unique and comprehensive publication written by experienced professionals exceeds all other books about cacti and succulents published so far. The introductory section provides general information about cacti and everything you need to know about the cultivation and about the practical use of cacti and succulent. The major part of the book describes different varieties and individual species in alphabetical order. For each type you will find detailed botanical description, information...


Encyclopaedia of Tulips, Hyacinths, Begonias (nature)


Bulbiferous and tuberous plants belong among the most popular ornamental plants. This encyclopaedia, which has been written by experienced specialists, is dedicated to all people interested in these plant groups. The general part predominantly brings information about the natural expansion of these plants, their growing history, introduction to their morphology, growing, etc. A further special section focuses on a more detailed introduction of well-known varieties. Almost 1500 fully-coloured...


Encyclopaedia of Coniferous Trees and Shrubs (nature)


This unique publication, which includes over 230 species of conifers and over 2,000 of their cultivars, varieties, forms and subspecies, brings a comprehensive overview of conifers in Central and partially also Southern Europe, thus providing an indispensable source of information for all those interested in coniferous species. The book also includes practical information regarding recommended planting locations, required care and multiplication issues.

An important author more...


Encyclopaedia of Vines (nature)


The viticulture for everybody: The growing of vines has a very long tradition in the Czech Republic and we have recently enjoyed an unusual boom. The method of vineyard cultivation and the technology of grape processing and wine production have reached a very high level, comparable with renowned international wine powers. Huge satisfaction has been found in the cultivation of new wine types and the numerous wine varieties are constantly replenished with new wine types cultivated abroad, but...


Encyclopaedia of Diseases and Pests (nature)


A plant’s protection against disease andpests is an integral part of its growth, however these problems mainly arisedue to relatively poor knowledge and understanding in this area. Ourfully-colored encyclopaedia brings a compact overview of information aboutcausal agents and the origins of plant diseases and ways to prevent and fightagainst them. The attachment includes an overview of preparations for chemicalplant protection.

Kamil Hudec, Ján Gutten, 225 x 297 mm,...


Encyclopaedia of Broadleaved Trees and Bushes (nature)


You can find broadleaved trees and bushes practically everywhere. Whether walking into a forest, roaming the countryside, or exploring a botanical garden or park, they surround us in our neighbourhood and create an essential part of our life.
This book is a guide through the world of broadleaved woody plants and shows you the variety of their world comprehensively.
Nearly 750 pages describe more than 4500 types, subtypes and cultivars of broadleaved woody plants which are found...




For their subtle beauty, the orchids are so called the queens of the flowers. The orchids capture the attention on the first view. The publication is written for beginning as well as advanced cultivators, who will find large amount of practical advices and information, hundreds of colourful photographs and the answers on most frequent questions. The author focus mainly on common species which can be cultiveted in home, but also mention the exotic and lessly known species.



Miniature and Dwarf Conifers (nature)


The best species for your garden and rock garden. 
A garden reflects the personality of its owner. And miniature and dwarf conifers play an irreplaceable role in creating gardens and rock gardens. With the right choice of species and placement, they enhance the beauty of the gardens and endow them with a unique look.
This book offers advice to everyone who has decided to start, redo, or perfect their garden or rock garden. It provides practical information about the annual growth...


Bonsais (nature)


All about growing and forming. Bonsais are distinguished for their irreplaceable charm and majesty and growing them belongs amongst the most beautiful hobbies without any question. However it requires a lot of patience, volition and specific knowledge.

In our practical handbook you will find everything you need to know:
Detailed descriptions of growing and shaping with visual photography
Advice regarding: - Watering - Fertilisation - Transplanting - Winter-housing -...


Škoda (auto-moto)


A complete history of the Laurin and Klement company and the rise of the Škoda automobile brand – from its first motorcycles all the way to the Škoda Superb, the Roomster, and the second – generation Octavia. Including comprehensive production guides and technical data.

Authors: Alois Pavlůsek, Ondřej Pavlůsek, 190 x 238 mm, 224 pages


Observing the Stars (nature)


Thisindispensable guide for beginning astronomers is divided into twelve chapters,one for each month of the year. Each chapter contains a description of what canbe seen in the night sky that month and an explanation of astronomical terminology.The included CD makes it even easier to recognize the objects andconstellations in the starry sky: instead of having to read the text with aflashlight, you can just lean your head back and let the recording guide you.For the advanced, there is also a...


Prehistoric Mysteries in Questions and Answers (nature)


A full-color encyclopedia, for children 8 and up, with amazing illustrations by Zdeněk Burian. 
The book answers 555 interesting questions about the early history of our Earth and the beginning of life on our planet.
Illustrations by the world-renowned painter of prehistoric times, Zdeněk Burian, and reconstructions of prehistoric animals, fossil photographs, maps, and sketches fill the book. It is divided into four thematic sections: The Known and Unknown World (the origin,...


Beautiful, Healthy and Fit


A guide for every women. Harmonic life style, healthy mind and healthy body, effective exercises and healthy alimentation. The book offers a complex inspiration for a positive and active style of life. The reader learns how to relax and how to find the energy for regular exercises. Thanks to this book every women he will feel healthy and self-confident, doesn’t matter how old is she.

9 steps for strong and positive thinking

Natural body care – baths, massages,...


Exercises designed by Ludmila Mojžíšová (wellness & health)


The nurseand physical therapist Ludmila Mojžíšová (1932) designed a revolutionaryexercising method helping to thousands of patient suffering from musculoskeletalsystem diseases and also from diseases that are not related to musculoskeletalsystem ostensibly.

The methodis based on 10 (plus 2)exercises eliminating  chronic pain ofspine and joints, moderating menstrual pain and help women get pregnant afterall other medical treatments  failed. TheMinistry of Health declaresthe method...


Exercising on a Balloon (wellness & health)


Would you like to have an attractive slim figure but you haven’t found the right type of movement yet? If you don’t have time for regular exercising in fitness centres or in gym and you like the privacy of your own home and your own tempo, then this book is an ideal guide for you to strengthen muscles. This kind of exercising is suitable for all ages. In the enclosed DVD you will find 50 minutes of exercise guides. If you don´t want to burden yourself with working out your own effectual...




The cookbook for Boys is an original publication in which the world-famous photographer Robert Vano with American citizenship, Slovak roots and Hungarian parents takes on the role of chef and gourmand for the first time.

“The say Robert Vano’s work taught him that boys like simpler menus and girls are more interested in details. So Robert filled the pages of his cookbook with simple recipes and pictures. As a bonus he added beautiful pictures of semi-nude men. This fact alone, I...




Allow yourself some cookies for dessert without breathing the conventions of healthy nutrition! Goodies prepared according to this book will make supporters of rational eating and bio-kitchens very happy. Discover the magic of wholemeal flour, enjoy sweet tastes without refined sugars and use the beneficial features of healthy fats. This unique publication provides you with recipes which can be used at Christmas, Easter, family celebrations, Sunday afternoons or any time throughout the year....




The cuisine from Crete presents the essence of the Mediterranean diet, which was always considered as an ideal diet helping to long life and good health. In last  years, the Cretan cuisine and the associated good health of local residents have also attract the international attention. This publication shows the principles of healthy Cretan diet and learns how to cook simple but extremely tasty meals.

Tradiční krétská kuchařka, Irini Milolidakis, 165 x 220 mm, hardcover, 144 pp




Jewish Cuisine is like a song – it has its rhythm, atmosphere, lyrics, melody and emotion. Even if you're not Jewish and don’t know anything about Jewish cuisine and tradition, thanks to this book you can prepare the meals according to traditional kosher recipes.

Moderní židovská kuchařka, Karel Sýs and Magda Saxlová, 167 x 225mm, 120 pp, hard cover




Aabian Gastronomy celebrates a sociable dining culture remarkable for its tasty and healthy dishes. In the Arabian world, social dining is not just a familiar affair but an inseparable element of social, business and political meetings. The roles of generous host and the gracious guests eating the offered delicacies are crucial characteristics of Arabian dining and its casual atmosphere, so conductive to friendship. In fact, along with music dance, gastronomy is one of the major ways to...


Our books
01.02. | 2017
Little Stories for Little Readers Katarína Macurová
Cute characters, gentle storytelling with simple plots and humorous outcomes – you’ll find all this and more in these original books by acclaimed illustrator Katarína Macurová.
In the series:
Teaching Eddie To Fly
Why Won´t You Flower?
Which Is the ...
31.01. | 2017
My Animals Charming portraits of animals in natural poses that highlight their  characteristics. Two board books brings back the beautiful illustrations of the most acclaimed Czech illustrator of books about nature, Mirko Hanák (1921 – 1971), which originally came out in 1966 – 1971. In the following decade...
30.01. | 2017
The Little Girl and the Rain Milena Lukešová, ill. Jan Kudláček
From the series Poetic Vintage Tales
In the series:
The Little Girl and the Rain
The Stork
James and the Indian Summer
The White Winter
Little Joseph and Fish
The Little Girl and the Rain
Mood story about the...

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