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Dragon Soup became White Raven 2012

Eleven-year-old Long has adjusted well to his situation: he is growing up as an immigrant child with his mother and grandfather in Prague. At home, he watches Vietnamese television and loves the dragon legend his mother tells him. At school, Long is called »Lada« and well integrated. When suddenly the boy’s estranged father shows up, everything changes. Overwhelmed, Long runs away – to search for his own identity. A master of the fairytale genre, Alena Ježková weaves together in this novel mythical narrative moments with the current topic of immigration in the Czech Republic. The sensitive and poetic drawings attest to Nikkarin’s rank as a star of the comics scene, wonderfully reflecting contemporary European life as well as Asian legendary tradition in terms of both motifs and colours. (Age: 10+)

Dragon Soup / Dračí polévka


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