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Albatros Literary Competition Announcement

During Albatros Annual Awards ceremony Albatros announced the winner of the 5th Annual Literary Competition for 2013 entitled „A detective story for children“. Some seventy authors entered the competition and six manuscripts made it through to the final. A cheque for 25,000 crowns and a commitment to publish the book were won by Dana Rusková from Osová Bítýška for the manuscript of První velký případ (The First Big Case). “Of all the manuscripts sent, this stood out for its supreme craftsmanship, linguistic elegance and sensitivity for the characters' psychology. It fills the need for classic secondary-school age children's prose that celebrates the courage of young detectives with a big heart,” said Albatros editor-in-chief Karolina Medková.

Karolina also announced the 6th Annual Literary Competition on the subject of “Laughter – the basis for all life, or: A story to make us laugh”. Any manuscript that has never previously been published and that is delivered to Albatros by 1st December 2014 can be entered for the competition.

Albatros Literary Competition

YearTopicWinning titleAuthor
2009Contemporary children's storyHromniceEva Prchalová
2010Modern talesGosh Dang and Other StoriesStanislava Reschková
2011The worth of friendshipLarkfart and VealfilletEva Papoušková
201221st century adventureOn Eagle's WingsIlona Fišerová
2013A detective story for childrenThe First Big CaseDana Rusková
2014Laughter – the basis for all life / A story to make us laugh

Hromnice: This story of a little girl with the unusual name Hromnice has a positive message that will appeal to children and adults alike. The text exudes a spirit of peacefulness and optimism, and it isn’t lacking in the humor department either. When a storm brings darkness to nature and anxiety oppresses the soul, the gleaming warm flame of the hromnička-candle brings light and relief. The hromnička is a light that protects the home and repels danger. In our story, Hromnice is a clever and sensitive little girl with hair the color of cinnamon, blue eyes, and a limitless imagination. She lives with her mom and dad, and along with everyday life they share some special and magnificent moments. Often these are imagined by the heroine herself; however, she also lives through an actual adventure and real fear. The poetic narrative of Hromnice’s expeditions through her dream-world turns into a thrilling story when our heroine decides to snap out of her dreams and stalk the first person she meets. But all is well that ends well, as this story does. Eva Prchalová, il. Zuzana Seye. Age 7+, Albatros, March 2011

Gosh Dang and Other Stories: This book won 1st prize in Albatros Literary Competition for Best Original Modern Fairy Tale. Thieves Einstein and Blockhead break into a house that belongs to the hideous and lonely witch Nightshade. Which of the thieves will become her groom. In another story in a tiny faraway kingdom, everything runs so smoothly that the king’s advisors worry about their jobs – so they find a dragon on the Internet to terrorize the land and help the advisors earn the respect they need. But times have changed and this crazy old dragon won’t eat people anymore. These brilliantly written stories will have both children and parents in stitches. Stanislava Reschková, il. Katarína Ilkovičková, Age 7+. Original title: Ježkovy voči a jiné pohádky, Albatros 2012

Larkfart and Vealfillet: classmates Larkfart and Vealfillet have ideas as funny as their names, and when they decide to escape from school, the adults can’t keep up. The story takes place in preschool, where our hero, the oddly named Larkfart, happens to be trapped against his will, keeping him from what he really wants to do: finish building a model blimp with his dad. His feelings about this are quite obvious as he lies on his back, kicking and screaming. Luckily, Vealfillet—another odd kid with an adequately cute name—shares his attitude. Together they plan to escape, and after a sequence of brief episodes, mostly accidents and a little mischief—typical for their peculiar and wild nature—they finally succeed. The humorous text is complimented by Galina Miklínová’s illustrations. A must-read for anybody who would ever like to teach at preschool. This book won 1st prize in anonymous Albatros Literary Competition in 2012, SUK (Librarians' award) and was nominated for Magnesia Litera and Golden Ribbon awards. Eva Papoušková, il. Galina Miklínová, Age 5+. Original title Kosprd a Telecí, Albatros March 2013

On Eagles’ Wings: Tomáš and his friends love kite-skating, riding on a skateboard pulled by a kite. They call themselves The Brotherhood of the Eagle’s Wing, almost as if they sensed that their hobby would lead them to cross paths with smugglers of exotic birds. And so begins an adventure story full of mystery and suspense. The book contains a detailed description on the topic of endangered birds and follows in the tradition of stories by writers like Enid Blyton: a group of children solves a mystery, which later turns out to be a crime combines adventure with more serious topics, such as the illegal trafficking of rare birds. Ilona Fišerová, illustrations Petr Morkes, age 9+. Original title Na orlích křídlech, Albatros March 2014.

Gosh Dang and other Stories
Featherbutt and Veal
On Eagle's Wings

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